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I'm Having A Hard Time · 12:00am May 9th, 2016

Things just got worse for my mom and I again. We were getting some extra money that helped cover the cost of bills from a settlement. But then the dangerous family member who has been after us for six years took that away.

At the same time my mom got a work injury where she broke her shoulder bones and wrist bones. Now she is also having troubles with her mouth because we haven't been able to afford much of anything for six years, being on the run, let alone a dentist bill.

To read more about some of the stuff that lead up to this, feel free to read this post here.

Because the dangerous family member took that extra income away, we are now $800.00 short every month. I think that my mom and I might be homeless next month since she can't work and what I make from working online isn't enough to cover everything.

I have social anxiety, PTSD, depression, agoraphobia, and some other emotional disorders which make it impossible for me to work out of the house. So I am limited in what I can help with because I work from home and can only give her what I make from the many jobs I do over the computer.

Today my mom was really depressed and told me that she can't take what we have been through for six years anymore. It got me feeling really down and made me wish that I could help her more than I already am.

We don't really have any friends or family who can help us. Our family believed my step dad's lies and pretty much turned their backs on us. We've moved so many times we don't really have any close ties with anyone who lives in the area.

I am not sure what we are going to do. But I am trying to stay positive.

Anyway if I am not on the site as often as I would like to be, now you know why. Keep my mom and I in your prayers. Thank you for everyone who has been a good friend and has offered support for what I've been going through. It has meant a lot to me.

I will do my best to keep updated with things despite everything that is going on. Thank you for the understanding.

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oh my god i still can't believe how your family can believe in a person that is not even of blood relation to said person over their blood relatives god be with you and your mother my friend and i hope that god gives your mother strengh to you and your mother

Well, Epictetus is a great person to read quotes from. Might help your mom out. Just thought I'd mention that.

You and your mom have my blessing.

If I could I would give you something. All I can do is pray.

3931100 I think we go through hard times in life so we can have compassion for people who are going through the same types of things.

I know that I definitely have compassion for people who have gone through something similar or a hard time in general after what I have been through. And I want to help people the best that I can for the rest of my life.

I can't do much now, given my current situation. But I want to make it a goal to help as many people as I can once I get on my feet. I hope that I can be useful to people and give back to the community at large. :)


Thank you for the kind words and prayers, everyone. They mean a lot to me. Keep sending positive vibes our way. :)

3931120 you and your mother deserves all the positive vibes you can get as the both of you are still going trough this bullshit and i pray that the police finally put that asshole to jail and your family finally see that they where in the wrong to not side with you and your mother, i have many things i want to say to and about your family excluding your mother but like the old saying goes if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all :twilightsmile:

3931131 Thank you. That means a lot to us both. :)

*hugs* Sorry to hear that things have gotten worse again. Are there any state supplements you can apply for, or any housing sections you can try to use like section 8? I know they aren't the best but they at least give you a place to be.

I'm sorry for what you're going through.:applecry: Just know that you are never alone and loved by many.

3931135 We have been praying for vindication for a long time now. Unfortunately, it isn't something we have seen as of yet. And a lot of family died without knowing the truth, thinking we were bad people because they believed my step dad's lies.

It's been really hard to be rejected by my family and have friends who I thought I could trust who ended up turning their backs on me because they didn't understand my situation.

But I believe I have been through this to build my character and have compassion for people who have been through the same thing.

And I hope that one day I can help other people as much as possible who have gone through something similar. Because I know what it feels like to be alone, rejected, and forgotten with no one there to take your hand.

I don't want anyone to ever feel the way I have these last six years. So I hope one day I can be useful to many people.

3931152 Thank you for the suggestion, my friend. My mom and I will try section 8. I think we tried before but they wouldn't let us be on it for some reason.

I have a bunch of emotional disorders but my dad stole my medical records so I don't have any written evidence. Which is one of the reasons I can't apply for disability either. And most government agencies have turned us away and refused to help us when we asked for it.

It has been really hard. But we are always open to suggestions and we appreciate any advice that people are willing to give. :)

3931154 Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. I love all of my friends here too. :)

3931155 *sighs* that's life for you a cruel bitch that does not give crap about any living being

You have my prayers mate. Just know what I told your sister, you are cared for. Whether it is blind to you right now, or revealed right now, you can know that you are cared for.

Though I must say mate, even with all your problems, you might want to give an attempt at going outside. I would recommend that you stand outside your door for as long as you can at night, when few people are out, and slowly work on it from there. I've known people with a lot worse symptoms then you have and they have made the attempt to work on their problems and succeeded, I would say you should and can do the same.

I'll keep you in my prayers mate.

3931155 and look at the bright side as much as i loathe the type of people your family and old friends turned out to be to the very core of my heart, soul, mind, and being and as much as i want them to burn in hell, they now see that they were wrong about you and your mother, besides you don't want that to happen to them so i will not hold it against them

3931210 Life is also good too though. You just have to keep focused, stay positive, and think of the good things no matter what it throws at you. :)

3931222 I am definitely trying to work hard on my emotional disorders. I just have a really hard time interacting with people. If I feel too pressured, I break down and cry. I also have trouble breathing and pass out. I gave some other health issues too like anemia but I haven't been able to get any vitamins or supplements for six years, do to us constantly moving, having more things taken away by my step dad, and never being able to afford proper treatment.

I have been developing other health problems as a result, but again haven't been able to afford proper treatment. Also, my step dad took my medical records so I haven't been able to apply for any financial assistance for these various problems.

We've been able to afford things because of money my mom was getting paid, along with money I bring in with my online jobs and the money my mom previously got from her job. But my step dad took that money away, then my mom got her injuries. So this put us behind.

And now we can't pay an additional $800.00 because of what was taken away from us every month. So it has been a hard situation. But we are just trying to stay positive and get through it the best that we can.

3931240 well my friend your spirit is far stronger than mine if i was in your shoes i would had offed my self a long time ago

3931278 In these situations the only thing you can do is smile, hold on, and keep moving forward. I'm not really strong. But I have learned to keep moving forward.

You can't go back. You can't change the past. You can just pick yourself up each time you fall and try to do better.

You find the strength to go on because you want to help other people who are struggling surive.

And it is hard. Honestly, it is the hardest thing in the world to keep walking forward with a smile.

But somehow, everyone has that strength to keep fighting. I'm not the only one who has gone through this. And I probably won't be the last.

So anyway, I'm not any stronger than anyone else. I'm just someone who knows how to move forward. And wants to help other people move forward with me. :)

3931197 Alright I hope you get accepted this time. And if I were you and your mother, I would go to a clinic and ask for a copy of your medical records. Even if that ass hole stole it a clinic can request copies so long as they have proper information, like date of birth, social security, and a Driver's License or ID. It should help get you some extra help.

3931387 We are going to try to get some help from Salvation Army on Monday. They might be able to help with the extra money we need to pay this month.

But after that we aren't really sure what to do. My mom has been working through a temp agency and hasn't been able to get stable work for three years.

We have been surviving a lot on what I have been helping to bring in and the extra money from a settlement. But as I mentioned that money was taken away.

The problem with my medical records is that they are through my step dad. He is a doctor and took care of my medical stuff when I was living in the abusive household. I wasn't allowed to leave the house because I was controlled so I got treated at home. And I don't have official records through a hospital since he owned his own clinic.

It is a bit of a unique situation. It's layers and layers of a really weird situation that most people don't understand. So we usually don't get any find of help from anyone.

We are just lucky we found a food bank or we probably wouldn't have food this month.

We are in a tough situation but we are working hard to get through.

3931438 You know he just commented a form of fraud right? He's not allowed to do that, doctors are not allowed to preform any kind of work on family. Though there are many reasons behind why, that is the biggest one. Nor is he allowed to keep any medical documents away from you, holy shit if you can get a lawyer he will be out of work. His license would be removed and he would be fucked.

3931458 oh my god u might be on to something their

And 3931313 i think i know a story here in fimfiction that sorta relate to you in sadness. The story is called the princesses and the human i recomend u check ot out

3931458 My step dad has done a lot of illegal things. He forged my mom's name on their joint taxes when they first got a divorce, took the money from it, and caused my mom to have to withdrawl her tax form. Which was money we needed. Messing with taxes is a federal offense. We reported it but no one ever cared.

He has consistent been taking money from us in illegal ways for six years. My mom won a house in the settlement but my step dad took it and left us homeless for the first time. Fortunately I was able to take out student loans and go to school, which got us into an apartment.

But I am still paying off those loans and can't take out anymore until they are paid off. Since we moved away from the city, my step dad has attempted to take our cars multiple times. And has consistently sabotaged my mom's attempts to get work.

And on top of all of this he has stalked us and threatened our lives, spread rumors about us to our family and friends, and tried to cut us down in every way possible.

On multiple occasions we have brought this up to the police but no one will help us. We have tried to get legal help but we still have debt from continually getting things taken from us, credit card bills, and my student loans. We can't even afford legal help to take him to court. Legal Aid won't help us.

It's basically layer after layer of a really bad situation that has been going on for six years now. We have recipieved little to no help from anyone throughout this journey (save a few people). We've just had to tough it out and hope for the best.

3931552 Cool, thank you for the recommendation. I will give it a read.

I wish I could do something...

3931582 trust me you can relate with the protagonist in the pain business but it is incomplete

3931594 Just being my friend means a lot. :) thank you for still being my friend, despite everything I am going through. It is very much appreciated. :)

3931600 It is always good to read stories with characters you can relate to. :)

Of course I'd still be your friend. Why wouldn't I be?

3931608 i also recomend it's yours and my love luna by silver octave and the perfect mate

3931609 I've actually had a lot of people stop talking to me since I started going through all of this who just couldn't understand my situation. So whenever people decide to be my friend despite knowing everything I have been through, it actually means a lot.

Also if u want u can check my favorite list to check stories with characterss that you can relate to :twilightsmile:

3931621 I will be happy to check it out when I get a chance. :)

3931625 and don't forget the other 3 stories i recomended for you to read that might somewhat relate to you in the pain department

3931632 I will definitely give them a read. :)

3931644 you know you have my full respect for everything you are still ggoing through for so long and still can put a smile on your face if i was their with i will surely give you the biggest hug i can give and try to help you out but alas i am in aruba

1. get evidence
2. get the asshole in fedal prison
3. ???
4. profit.

I hope things get better soon:fluttercry:

On second thought, give me this persons address.


We love you.

3931543 Talk to surgeons, they can't operate on family because their emotions could get in the way. There's a show called Stories of the ER and there is a doctor who specializes in snake bites, his son got bit and he couldn't do a damn thing to help his son because of those regulations. Couldn't even give him something to dull the pain of the bite, they had to call in another specialist from another state to come and do the job.

3931574 *hugs* I do hope for the best to come your way, and though it would be hard to find them. There are some lawyers who will take payments and won't charge a dime till after everything is said and done. Had you lived in Tulsa I could talk to a couple who would know a few people I could point you towards.

I only say this because... my grand mother has been their house keeper since I was a kid. The man of the house is one of the best business lawyers in town, so he would know a few that specialize in your case. His wife is a special judge who a points cases to other judges.

And because of my 7 years in catering, there is hardly a judge or lawyer whom I haven't delivered or catered an event for. They always have the same banquette every year, where they sit down and just enjoy themselves. Some times they talk to us and get to know us, most of the time it's in out done.

3931650 I appreciate the kind words. They mean a lot to me. And thank you for the hugs. Internet ones count too. So many Internet hugs to you. :)

3931801 We initially tried bringing him to court six years ago when this all started because my mom was able to get a divorce attorney through a friend. The judge didn't do anything about illegal stuff my step dad was doing. However because Arizona is a 50/50 state, my mom initially won the house and fifty percent of the equity in both her businessnesses and my step dad's office. So my step dad was court ordered to pay my mom back estentially her own money she put into everything.

However, one year after the trial my step dad took back the house, estentially leaving us homeless. Fortunely I took out student loans and got us into an apartment. I was able to finish out my degree while we were renting an apartment in the city I grew up in. Once I graduated things were not safe for us anymore because my step dad was continuing to come after us the entire time, trying to take our money and threaten our lives.

So my mom and I moved to another city to get away from him. However, since we have been here, he has refused to pay mom the full amount of her money that be owes, making it hard for us to adjust. He is still threatening us and at one point tried to take both of our cars by getting the tittles transferred over to his name.

Then recently he just decided to stop paying us the money he owes us. Even though he is legally required to give my mom the money back. That is another way he has been committing a felony; he is blatantly going against something he was court ordered to do (not that he ever really gave her the full amount anyway every month if he bothered to send it).

Moral being, he has done a lot of illegal stuff. Which also includes forging my mom's name on taxes so he could get the money from the return which by the way we really needed at the time and is a federal offense.

I could give lots of examples l and that doesn't even include the severe abuse we suffered in the house for twenty four years. Which the judge also never cared about. Or the fact that he has been stalking us and threatening our lives along with taking everything we own for six years.

We've just had to do our best to deal with this and watch as he continues to stalk, harrass, tell people lies about us, and come after us in every way possible including financially. And it has definitely been hard.

But I am just glad that we have somehow made it this far. And I am greatful for the people who choose to bey friend, even after knowing everything I am going through.

3931921 I love you guys too. Many hugs to you as well. :)

3931944 I think it is awesome that you have those connections. That is always handy to have.

The problem is that my step dad is pretty well connected too. Which is one of the reasons we have continually had things taken from us over the last six years. He knows how to get away with doing things because of legal advice he gets from his friends wyo have various jobs in the legal system (including lawyers).

We've looked into getting a lawyer to at the very least have him pay the money he was court ordered to give my mom (which he just stopped paying and violates the court order made to him). But like I mentioned, we aren't very well connected and we haven't been able to find anyone who is willing to help us legally.

So we've been doing the best we can to just keep protecting ourselves from this ongoing problem. And be prepared for whatever he throws at us.

3931274 Like I said mate, all you got to do is start off small, and then work up with your problems. Its helped a lot of people and I'm certain it can work for you.

I understand how life is rough for you, I've had my fair share, but it always gets better after the bad. Stay strong mate, you have my prayers.

3932168 Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. :) I appreciate your encouraging words and all of your prayers.

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