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  • 3 weeks
    Story updates

    I have a bit done on the 20th chapter of 'One Step Forward' but it may be a bit yet before it's done, the same with 'I Treasure Your Love'.

    I'm also currently writing the next chapter of 'Let's Rock 'n' Roll' and the third chapters of 'My Past Is Today'. I may get both done in the next few days but I am aware it's been a while since 'Let's Rock 'n' Roll' was updated.

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  • 13 weeks
    News from home.

    Some of you will have seen the blog post I made yesterday regarding not doing some writing for a while due to an issue at home. I can tell you now that on the morning of the 17th October, my mother died.

    She was just 54.

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  • 13 weeks
    Story update

    Just a quick update. I had planned to do some writing today, as it's my day off. However I received some bad news this morning and I'm in no state to concentrate. I'll fill you in on details in the near future.

    Edit: Update here.

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  • 13 weeks
    UK PonyCon 2018 videos

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  • 13 weeks
    UK Pony Con 2018 update

    So I went to my first pony con in Nottingham over the weekend. I recorded some of the events such as the cosplay competitions and opening and closing ceremonies. I'll upload them to YouTube once I've gone through them and edited them a little.

    Read More

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Today's Episode - Newbie Dash · 5:42pm May 7th, 2016

I liked today's episode. I don't get why some people are being overly harsh about it.

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Comments ( 3 )

Because of the Wonderbolt's portrayal and people just not understanding people teasing each other with embarrassing nicknames is a part of any tight knit group. (Sports, Military, you get the picture.)

When I was very young apparently I threw up quite a bit. My middle name is Luke so I got called Pukey Lukey.

I think it's because there was too much cringe, and maybe because people think Dash should be smarter than that. I'm just guessing though, I did enjoy it anyway.

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