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Okay, I ship it (SPOILER WARNINGS) · 6:23pm Apr 17th, 2016

Yeah, this is now my official spike paring. Gonna make a one shot for it this week.

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EmbIke? SpEmber?

Now if only Spike grows a little and gets Wings...

Kind of figure the writers felt the need to seperate Rarity from Spike a bit. Notice in the opening Rarity is using him like a minion?

3876643 Rarity was always doing that.

3876603 Porking Ember gives you wiiiiings!:moustache:

3876651 True, but this time it's very blatant.

3876662 I honestly feel that it was always pretty blatant.

it was an ok episode but the more they reveal on dragons the more they seem to get hit with the stupid stick

My theory is that they are like the Krogan. They were once a wise and ancient race of warriors and sages until they ended up destroying their culture from civil war, focusing on the survival of the fitist mindset while a few stick to the ancient ways.

3876892 interesting thoughts

3876892 Dragons being the MLP version of the Krogans is a headcannon I can accept.


And Spike will become the the Dragon version of Wrex... and Princess Ember the Dragon version of Eve...

I can hear Spike voice in the future...

"More Ice!"


Now you are the one of us)

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