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Input Requested · 3:52am Apr 5th, 2016

Earlier today at work, I somehow found myself with an eagerness to start writing again. I began to think about how some days at work can seem boring and menial, and that's what kicked off the inspiration for some stories.

I'm looking to create a few human characters that have crossed into Equestria through the "Gateway", which is a plot device I had planned to use in other earlier stories, and have good paying but menial jobs. Simple people who just live life day-to-day.

The input I need is this: what kind of work would you consider menial, yet beneficial and "realistic" for Equestria (I've already thought of a tax collector)?

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Comments ( 9 )

A tax collector? I dunno, not many people like those guys.

...But maybe that's a better avenue to work from. They work jobs that pay well, but only because taking the job makes them the least popular person at any party.

Tax collectors? Repo men? Police officers? Clowns? Any job where people go out of their way to shun, disrespect, or offend the job-haver would be a great idea to work with.

That's my two cents anyway.

Farm hand hoof. Lots of farmland aound Ponyville. Barring - of course - network technicians and astronauts, damn near any job would be realistic in Equestria. As far as beneficial menial jobs go...

Dammit I had a really good idea and forgot it
Telegrapher (that was it!)
Pretty much any job that wouldn't involve interacting with ponies (who'd want to hire a hairless sasquatch for a customer service position?)
I'd love to say 'ferrier' but that defeats the point I just mentioned, and I doubt it'd be menial
Any kind of bean-counter, really
Tax collector?

That's all I got.

You know well which work they will go after...:ajsmug:

Security guard. Unarmed.

Actually, I wanted the human to have interactions with the ponies, so a farrier would be a neat idea. Could make for some hilarious and awkward moments. Not very menial, but quite interesting. Being an equestrian, I've been wanting to learn more about farriers.

I would also like love to have some romance happen, but it isn't necessary.

Yeah, I know where you're going with that one...

He would provide a valuable service to mares who are in heat.:pinkiehappy:

That concept has been done before, and the story is quite popular.

And just like that, my will to write has disappeared.

3850141 Well all of my other suggestions would offer plenty of social interaction, just with coworkers. Actually I still love the idea of a human being an Equestrian telegrapher. It's pretty much a lost trade, and telegraphers, when they weren't busy, would talk with one another over the line.

That being said, a ferrier is still a cool idea, just not exactly what you wanted. It certainly would lead to some interesting scenes. After all, the ferrier has to get awfully up-close and personal with their customer.

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