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Guilty Pleasures · 3:07pm Sep 30th, 2017

So I started watching BoJack Horseman about a week ago, and I'm hooked. I'm also slowly growing interested in anthro --- which I couldn't stand before --- all because of the character in the above image (if you've seen the show, you know who she is). You could say that I have a bit of a crush, even though it's just a cartoon, much like my feelings for certain ponies.

Not to mention the show hits me in the feels and I can relate in certain ways to BoJack's character.

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Rowr! BoJack Horseman, you say? Hmmmmmm...

Also, how has real-horsing been going? Moved up from muckboy yet? :raritywink:

Real horsing has been okay. I do pretty much everything from mucking to feeding, as well as water. My mare is a bit of a pain in the ass, but that's expected since she's an Arabian.

I have been thinking of checking that show out.

It's comedic and dark at the same time. It struck a strong chord in me, and that's why I'm hooked on it. That, and Charlotte (the deer in the picture) is cute 😊

I kinda feel it's relatable too, though not in the has-been TV star way of course. :rainbowlaugh::yay::eeyup:

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