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This Friday · 7:11pm Mar 22nd, 2016

I've set a deadline for myself, and it will be this Friday.
On Friday, expect an update of ICH along with some other things as well. I wrote a full chapter of a second story I'm working on, so I'll post that too. It'll be more of a clopfic than an actual story, so it'll be relatively short.
I've had so many ideas for stories, it's incredible. I got an idea to do one with YOU and PRINCESS LUNA a few days ago, and I've loved the idea so much I've almost finished writing the whole first chapter. It's darker than my usual stuff, but it'll be great.
I was reading through some of my old comments and some people thought ICH was getting really dark, and they didn't like that. I'm not sure how I should feel about their comments, because I wasn't looking at the story being dark, I was just trying to make it as realistic as I could. But I still made it kinda dark. Eh. It might get a little darker before it all gets better. (emphasis on "might")
Just wanted you guys to know that this Friday, because I'll be on break and will have the time to write, I will be definitely updating, so you guys can expect to read some stories.
I also wanted you guys to know that this story I got going with PRINCESS LUNA so far is pretty good. It's a lot of fun to write, which makes it easier to do so for me. I think ICH is the best story overall that I got, but I think this one could match that or even surpass it. So if Luna is your waifu, you enjoy some ScatMan stories, or like a decent story with some decent clop, stay tuned.

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Comments ( 16 )

Mah Scat!

You got an Editor for that Princess Luna fic?

It saddens me to say that I actually forgot about this story.:ajsleepy:



Sweet Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! Yes!

Nice, always happy to see another chapter from you.

Ready anytime for another chapter or story!

I will be waiting.

Also I don't think I Can't Help got very dark. Hell of a long wait though.

Did ICH get dark? I suppose it did a little, though at the time I was more confused by Daring's 'betrayal'/
Honestly, I'm more excited for a new chapter of WMW

I see people saying that ICH didn't get dark. Well, if you get technical, it did a bit. Warning, spoilers, but they're brief.

You have a dude who doesn't even know his own name that woke up in god-knows-where in the location of what the fuck, before befriending (that word could be used sparingly in current time with the most recent chapter) the pegasus we know as Daring Do.She has several adventures and (maybe?) seems to be developing feelings for him over time, before basically dumping him in the desert with a nazi horse. Said nazi horse's accomplice causes the evil horse's (can't remember his name atm) head to fucking explode, spraying brainmatter all over the damned place. Now that nazi horse wants to give him a good time, consent unknown.

Still, it's been too diddly darn long since a chapter has come out, people have been worried sick about stories coming out, and most importantly, if ol' Scatman is still kicking. Thankfully you are dude, I was genuinely beginning to worry about your coming and going so infrequently. If I knew you better or had you added to some third party program I would've asked.

I think what really doesn't help the 'it got dark' thing are the subconscious comparisons to Indiana Jones that you get with something that's clearly based so heavily upon it. The head exploding in graphic detail followed by a Nazi pony molesting the protagonist (probably intending to escalate it to full-blown rape) massively outclasses Indiana Jones' darkest parts.

>was content to wait forever
>but scatman said Friday
>Saturday is in 30 minutes
>im dying
>you did this to me

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