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Some thoughts about my one shots · 9:44am Mar 7th, 2016

So yeah, I've done three so far, and I really like how they turned out. They're pretty well-received and are fairly liked. I do plan to make more Equestria Girls one shots, and I think I already have one in my head to put out.

"So Aria, How Are You Paying Our Bills?"
This story is the first of the Equestria Girls one shots. I've talked about this in previous blog posts, and I believed I've said already a lot for this. It's the most popular among the one shots and I'm quite proud of it, probably because Aria is my favorite Dazzling of all time. I was given a tip to do a story for Vinyl so I can actually turn the contrivance of her existence into a meaningful one. Sad to say, I have yet to think of any story for it. Maybe because Vinyl is not a favorite to me?

"Say, Lemon Zest, What Do You Want For Christmas?"
This story is supposed to be my Christmas special for 2015, but I got so much writer's block that I couldn't write enough to reach the 25th of December. I eventually released it on January of 2016. To be honest, I'm not sure who is my favorite Shadowbolt. Initially, it was Lemon Zest, hence the fic, but I find Sugarcoat a strong contender. Writing this story was kind of infuriating since I knew what would happen, but I couldn't think how and how to put them into words on screen. Nevertheless, it's still had a good reception, and surprisingly have no dislikes. The first one had four but is still more popular. Huh.

"Hey, How Did Twilight Score Against Rainbow?"
The latest in my one shots, this was supposed to be a comedy of Rainbow Dash going around school. Initially, I had no idea how to end the story, and I just made Rainbow run around school. I ended the story with Sunset Shimmer since when I thought who would spread such, I remembered that only Sunset was the only witness the game and had gossiped before. Turned out her part was so perfect that I managed to finish the story. I had no idea when this would be finished back then. It is also more liked than Lemon Zest's story, which is interesting.

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