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My Little Pony The Movie: Spoiler-free Thoughts and Whatnots · 3:02pm Oct 7th, 2017

So yeah. I just saw the movie in the theater. No, I did not get funny looks and yes, there are a lot of children but even then I enjoyed my viewing.

How was the movie. Fantastic. For a My Little Pony fan, it is such a treat since it's an adventure of all of our favorite six ponies. For a casual viewer, it's a below average to average movie. The animation however is more than average. The facial expressions,
movements, and backgrounds flow very great and please the eyes.

The story is quite bland, only spiced up with ponies. It's an adventure to save Equestria; I don't think there's any other way to describe it. As for the characters, the new ones get introduced nicely and get a little screen time, but that doesn't make their screen time weak; in fact, it left me wanting to see them again. I hope they appear in the TV show.

As for the villains, Storm King is pretty amusing, though his motivations are pretty tame; he felt like a generic villain, evil for the sake of being evil. Tempest Shadow however is really amazing. Her animations, especially her facial expressions are really captivating to look at. I can imagine Build a Bear run out of stock of Tempest after people watched the movie.

The songs are great and catchy. Daniel Ingram really outdone himself this time. I'd say his songs here were probably the best ones he had written so far. I'd say they're on par with Disney even.

So yeah, I'd say the movie is great! If you're a fan of MLP, this is a sure treat to see on the big screen. For a casual viewer, the animation will surely impress, the story isn't much, but the execution is well-done that it'll probably entertain them.

So peeps, if you haven't seen it, GO TO THE NEAREST MOVIE THEATER AND WATCH! IT'S GOOD!

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