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So I need an editor.. · 12:51am Feb 18th, 2016

If you've seen my latest story, Rainbow Dash is Hitting on You, you've seen it all over the comments. So I'll be blunt: My grammar and spelling suck, and I need someone to make sure I don't type like I'm 5. I'll give you credit in the editors notes and a follow (if I'm not following you already), and my thanks for letting me write casually instead of having to worry about every little spelling error. Comment if you want more details, but I'll be looking for:

1. Communication skills. Let me know WHAT I messed up on so I'm aware, but don't be stuck up about it.

2. Trust. I know it sounds paranoid, but I've had people steal my work and claim it as their own. It isn't fun, and it's the reason I keep backups. It's simple: If I can't trust you then I can't let you help me.

3. Actual writing/grammar skills. An editor who can help with the functional aspect as opposed to the details. IE: Misspelling 'Equestrians' as opposed to disagreeing on the way the story is heading.

Other than that I'm pretty lenient. Thanks for reading this!

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I'd say I could help, but you probably need some examples of work to make sure you want to have that person edit sh*t?



Check my profile and pick a story...? Uh. That's all I got. :facehoof:


5491180 On Equestria's time.

That was 59 weeks ago. I haven't seen other grammar/spelling errors.

Have anything you want to point at when it comes to your improvement? Anything else you want to know?

3761657 The fact you've read Equestria's Time already makes it easier for me to describe my writing skills, as I'm always improving on my writing when it comes to that one. All the "How I..." stories are really just things I've experimented to see what I can get away with. There are times where I'll miss an error, but, that's only been with my latest story, and again, that's mostly just to see what I can get away with (and because my own co-writers fail to notice my edits as well)

Other than that, I'm a sucker for Rainbow Dash ships, so when I saw a story I wanted to read needed an editor, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, read while I edit it. :3

I'd be happy to help, though I know I don't have any writing hosted here on the site. If you so desire I'd be willing to give you a few bits of my own writing, primarily poems and the like.

If you want an example of how able I am to find flaws, I'll find errors on featured stories that have had several editors already go over them. I'm talking in terms of "My Best Friend, Luna" for one example, not to say I've found many.

It's up to you, of course, but I thought I'd toss my hat into the running.

3762853 I'd like to see a bit from you before I set on 3761682 .

I could probably do it on the weekends or something. Just take a look at my profile. There's stuff on there from way back in 2012 when I first climbed out of my god forsaken hole under a rock all the way up until now. Some things are listed as incomplete as I haven't gotten around to finishing them yet but most of it is done.

If you would like to see where I am as a writer, I'd recommend reading my most recent story The Sins They Love followed by my first from when I first started, Seeing Rainbows (Keep in mind that this story is 4 years old this year and is so bad that I marked it with a warning label). And if you're in for a long haul, skim over my flagship story for this site, Cyberfire. Keep in mind that Cyberfire is LONG. As in longer than the longest Harry Potter book long. It also serves as my benchmark for how I improved as a writer, both from when I started and where I am now.

Those are my credentials as listed, check them out if you wish.

I am one of the people who reviewed your story. I'm sure my comment is now buried. Ha, ha. Anyway, I'm interested in helping you proofread but I'd personally prefer that I'd be a last resort if you really feel like you can't trust anybody or just can't find anybody. I'm busy as it is but I can most likely do it on weekends but I'm very good at sneaking time to do things I'm enthusiastic about.

As a proofreader, I would like to say that I have good knowledge on the intricacies of grammar and spelling. I'm not sure if I understood your 3rd point correctly but you just want someone who peer-edit your spelling and grammar rather than the plot? Fine by me, but if you don't want to hear me say anything about the plot and just focus on proofreading, let me know.

Also, I usually write in Queen's English but I have no issues using the Americanised spellings. . Let me know which one that you prefer to use in your writing and I'll adapt accordingly.

Anyway, just putting it out there that I'm an option at your disposal but again, I'd rather not be the first person who you look or talk to.

Have a nice day.

So I decided that I'm going to mainly stick with 3763704 , but if he isn't available at the moment then I'll contact one of you guys.


Thank you all for asking to be a part!


Very good. I'm happy you're on your way!

3765415 Congrats on finding your editor! I'll be glad to help whenever I can! :twilightsmile:

3765415 Woot woot. Hooray I got the job. :coolphoto:

You might have your own reasons for wanting only one, but having two or three editors can work better, especially if they're only available periodically. If you have only one editor and want to have that person go over your work before you post it, you might have to wait awhile.

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