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"The Iron Horse" Updates Soon! · 7:01pm Feb 14th, 2016

Howdy, folks! Looks like I'm going to have to slightly fudge on my "2 weeks" deadline for the next chapter. It's all written and just needs editing and an illustration (which I think is very cute, by the way), so it should be good to go either tomorrow or the day after (Monday or Tuesday, respectively).

True story, though... if the readers had voted for the shipping chapter rather than the Applejack arc, today, Valentine's Day Hearts and Hooves Day, would have been the release date for all your lovey-dovey needs. :heart: Ah well, greeting card holidays are overrated anyhow. :twilightblush:

See you soon!

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Good... good...

Valentine's Day is a "greeting-card" holiday? Neigh! 'Tis ever so much more! It is based in its entirety upon SEX!

No, sincerely... We should change its name to, "Try to get lucky" day. :raritywink:


We should change its name to, "Try to get lucky" day. :raritywink:

Don't need a holiday for that, son. :ajsmug:

Well, sure... but the chances are better when everybody's got the same idea on the same day.

(I calculated it three times!> :twilightsmile: :trollestia: <That's my girl!)

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