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An update on things. 100 subs? · 3:53am Feb 3rd, 2016

Hey all,

Just wanted to touch on some things, let you all know what's up.

I'm doing good, hope you all are the same. Being a dad is tough when you got a sick little boy who will only sleep snuggled up on your chest, eats up a lot of my "creative" time.

Any way, for those of you here for my written works, I am so sorry it's taking so long to update. Truth be told, it is very hard for me to find the motivation to write and a nice quiet place to do so. I love my stories and they WILL continue, starting with another chapter with Flint getting closer to a certain yellow filly...

Also I see that that ticker at the top nears the triple digit Mark! It really means a lot to have people like y'all to share, converse, and over all be creative with.

Don't know who is still reading here, but if you are, leave a suggestion of what I should do for the 100th subscriber. (Put an :ajsmug: next to it and I'll give ya sketch of your choosing.)

Any way,

Thanks everyone!

Report Sipioc · 371 views · Story: The Dragon King's Rebirth ·
Comments ( 16 )

It's a really cool story.:yay:

3729967 Thanks! I do enjoy writing for Flint, I can let out my inner cynic and rage monster. Sadly I have very little done :pinkiesad2:

Hey congrats on almost 100 subs. I've been reading The Dragon King's Rebirth and will probably give A New Road a gander at some point as it is inspired by Hiver's story and I've enjoyed that so far. I have no clue what taking care of a baby is like, but I do understand being busy in general, take your time and do what you need to do. This is a hobby, do it when you have the time and can really enjoy it. I don't mind the wait; I currently have 130 chapters of other stories I'm following to catch up on. I don't really have any good ideas for what you should do for your 100 sub other than maybe a drawing ,since you seem to do that, or maybe write a one-shot story with a theme of there choosing.

3729973 Enjoy your freedom while you can, take a nap on a Saturday afternoon for no reason other than you have the option. Once you have a kid your life for you is over. Still it's pretty great when they smile at you with that look that says "I know you! Your my dad!" But enough of my sentiment.

The thing that sucks about writing for me is that it has to be quiet and I have to be alone. When doodling I can do it anywhere with music, movies, at work, you name it!

I want to finish the story by April. We shall see how that pans out.

Thanks for the comment!

I might have to read your story again soon since it's been awhile since the last update.

But glad to hear your doing great! I hope your baby feels better soon :pinkiehappy:

I love to see a rivalry in the story for the fillies that have a crush on are little dragon. But also hope to see some excitement!

For the 100th should be a drawing of... A story poster? Like with the Star Wars posters they have each movie? :ajsmug:

3730029 I just might.

I saw that smug Apple. Can I doodle something up for yah personally?

3730038 I love to see some of the fight scenes from Dragon King vs Celestia & Luna!

I hope it isn't to hard :scootangel:

3730060 nope, thrilling actually

A contest on anything. :ajsmug:

3730192 A contest of fortitude? Ye barrel chested, stalwart men?

Saw your smug Jackie let me know what doodle ya want.

I dont remember if flint's mane was tied like that before, but if it wasn't i like it more like this.
Also i do, and hopefully the rest of your followers, understand that sometimes authors have dry inspiration seasons, even if they want yo continue updating their stories (trust me im writing a novel and im stuck at the 20 chapter, the middle of the novel.)
Finally, im not a parent but i have a baby cousin living right in front of my house. You literally open the door and my uncle's house is 4 steps in front of my door. My lil cuz is the cutest little thing ever not even a year old and i have to take care of him in the afternoons (and some nights on weekends)
He make take time from me but...you know what? Cherish these moments when he is so little they grow up too fast and if he is sick (something very normal in babies due to their inmunity system being a little weaker than older kids) its normal that you dote on him until he gets better like any good parent would, if your readers dont understand that...well they dont deserve the acknowledgemet.

3730334 Flint's new style is new like two chapters ago, an addition Fluttershy gave him. I like the look too! Makes him look, grown up.

Its not so much I don't have ideas it's that I don't force myself to write. Drawing for me is natural and fun but writing takes effort. Once I get going though I slide into the groove, though.

Enjoy the seperation from cousin to your own child, you can spoil cousins more.

Thankfully, I have never felt pressure from my followers to neglect my family, one of the great things about them all. But I do want to get this chapter out ASAP.

3730429 Im very glad to hear that :pinkiehappy:


Just a cute doodle on Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie hugging each other is fine.

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