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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!

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Shelf Cleaning Intiative: Bonus Round Part 1 · 10:31pm Jan 31st, 2016

-OR- The writing exercise that time forgot!

So, waaaaay back when is started the ponyfic thing, a friend of mine suggested I try writing more stories in First Person, and told me I should write a short bit in order to get more used to it. After much grumbling I finally complied, writing a short seven page scene between Zecora and Blueblood... and then we both promptly forgot about it and never spoke of it again.

That is until I remembered it last night, and in the spirit of my prior efforts, decided to share. It's unfortunately a bit incomplete for a whole fic, which is why it's getting appended to a blog post rather than a story of it's own. Still, I think it came out rather well for something I wrote four years ago or so...

Holy crap I've been writing Ponyfic for almost four years. That's a hell of a realization.

Anyway, I do hope you all enjoy. I also have a second small little thing I think would be amusing to share with you all that I stumbled across while looking for fics for the Initiative. I'll try to get that up soon. In the meantime, take care, and have fun.


A headache

That was what I was aware of first, was the pain in my head, followed by other, smaller pains in my neck, back, and legs. That, and a sense of motion. Almost like my mother was rocking me to sleep... except sleep in this case meant throbbing pain and nausea. Being in pain and swinging in the breeze. That was the world. Some, primal, forgotten part of me took control, and opened my eyes.

It was a notion all parts of me instantly regretted.

After blinking away the pain of the sudden bright light of the noon day sun I found myself in a most... confusing position. I was upside down for one, and in a forest I had never seen before. I had, until that day, always been used to my forests being shapely, cool, quiet, and, above all, regularly patrolled by the local constabulary. This place was nothing of the sort. Too jagged and messy to please the eye, yet soft and deep enough to hide a predator in. Everything was some dirty shade of brown or green, all of it washed out with yellow. And hot. Celestia was not merciful on me that day.

The loud bird shriek which made me whence was when I became aware of the noise. Animals, animals all around me. Rutting, fighting, heavens above knows what! I also had no idea how I got there, wherever “there” was. At this point you can imagine my duress. Despite all that though, I gave out a stoic and masculine cry for assistance.

“Well, this is quite silly. I find a grown stallion, when I came searching for the cries of a filly!”

Maybe they weren't that stoic.

“Oh thank Celestia.” I coughed, my throat hoarse. Had I really been shouting that long? Regardless, I couldn't see my would-be savior. “Get me down from here! Now!”

“It is alright, I will save you. Although I wonder why your unicorn magic wouldn't do...”

“Just get me down from here!”

I heard the sound of hooves on grass as whoever this was walked around me. It was somewhat... unsettling to be caught immobile while being aware of a total alien moving behind your helpless and exposed backside. As unnerved as I was, I tried not to show it. After pausing a few times, my savior came into view. I had to blink a few times to be sure my sun-stricken eyes and throbbing head were not deceiving me. A Zebra? By the stars above I was a long way from Canterlot.

“Could you hurry it up!?” I said to her. “And where is this place anyway-And how did I get here?” She did not respond right away, and continued to stare somewhere up above me. She then frowned and looked at me for the first time.

“Quit your squirming in your spot! If you are not still, I cannot study the knot.”

“Oh! Oh. Sorry.”

With that she turned and went back to studying somewhere above me. I tried, gently as I could mind you, to roll myself around to see what she was looking at. The best I could manage was a thick green vine wrapped around one forehoof and what appeared to be a stretch of torn white canvas in a black plastic frame. When I grew frustrated with that I turned back to look at her, only to see her rummaging in a saddlebag under her brown cloak. She then pulled her muzzle out to reveal a knife clenched between her teeth. I will admit that my pain addled mind had a moment of panic here.

“No-no! Whatever you do-!” That got her attention and she looked up at me with her teal eyes wide with shock. They then darted around quickly, looking for danger. Then, they settled back on me, went half lidded, and did a roll my father, bless his heart, would be proud of. And with that, the Zebra twisted her head back, and then swung it out again, flinging the knife at some invisible point above me. There was a loud snap in the same moment as a thump, followed by a few more snaps, and, then, suddenly, gravity had me back in its clutches. A fact which my head and back more or less instantly lamented.

I gave her a wordless mixture of a groan and a cough of disgust.

“You should be more careful when you pull people out of trees!”

“Safety did not seem to be your chief worry. All you did was tell me to hurry.”

“Well... think ahead next time!” I tried to stand but all of my legs informed me, at once, that they were only doing so under intense duress and threatened to form a union against me. Wobbling a bit I lifted my right hoof up and began (tenderly) brushing myself off. “Ugh. Dirt.”

“It shall be. As for your first question, long ago, you are in the Everfree. As for your second though, how you got here... I don't know.”

“The Everfree!” I shrie-scre...enunciated. “Dear heavens! How did I end up here?!”

“There is no need to shriek so, but, as I said, I don't know. Perhaps the wreckage I found you in, would be a good place to begin.” She said, her eyes lidded once again and pointing upward with her hoof.

I turned around (gingerly), and looked up, blinking away the glare from the sun. White canvas and a black plastic frame, all torn to shreds. Bits of manufactured strapping and... goggles? I felt the electric power of magic pool into my horn (and winced at the effort) as I grabbed the goggles and pulled them down to look at. Goggles... why goggles? Why indeed?

...I had been hang-gliding. That's right... Hang gliding. With the Wonderbolt Soarin and my old friend Storm Trotter. I had pulled some strings to get Soarin to be there. It was a birthday gift for Trotter. I had... wanted to get him something nice...

“Uuuuhhhggghhhhh!” I stated, eloquently, as I fell back on my haunches. “Curse this day. Gah! … Oh heaven. I don't even know if it's the same day! GAH!”



The zebra sighed.

“Again I must say, but until the sun is set, it is Tuesday.”

“Do... you say everything in rhyming couplets?”


Alright. That was good. Today was still the same day, albeit somewhat later, if the pain-purchased reading of the position of sun was to be trusted. How in blazes had I ended up in the Everfree? Celestia, blazes, bad metaphor. It was sweltering out, and I felt dizzy and couldn't stop sweating.

I stumbled around a bit and it took me a second to realize my would-be savior was missing. I whipped my head around looking for her, and, oh dear, the world was spinning.

“Up here, in the tree. There is no need to look for me.”

I turned and found her nestled a little ways above me, straddling four branches at once. I watched as she continued to ascend, almost like a spider, over the low hanging branches of... whatever kind of tree I had fallen into. I admit that I was actually rather impressed. Ponies weren't meant to climb, but this strange lost zebra moved with a speed and surety that would impress even a dragon or an ape.

She deftly made her way up to the top, and with a single bird-like peck, grabbed her knife out of the bark of the tree, and with a casual flip, tossed it over her shoulder and into... whatever she kept it in under that cloak. Then, she turned, launched herself from the tree, landing on a larger branch, which she then sprung off of to land on the ground with the grace of a cat. She then turned to me and smiled. I couldn't help but grin awkwardly back.

“Sorry to give you such a fall, but it was the fastest way down afterall. I guess its about time for a proper greeting. Zecora, is the name by which you may call me after this meeting.”

“Ah, I see. I guess it was rather rude to not introduce myself.” I was only hanging from a tree and feeling like I was going to puke, but manners were always important. I drew myself up and placed a hoof on my chest. “I am Prince Blueblood, heir to the Duchy of Canterlot and descended from both Celestia and the Platinum dynasty, and I must thank you for saving my life.”

“Oh.” Zecora said, her eyes growing wide. “I know of you, Prince whose Blood is Blue.”

“You do? How so.”

“I learned of you from a friend you see. You spent a night with a pony named Rarity.”


“... Well, even before my eyes, you Blueblood, do not surprise.”

“Glad to hear I live up to the legend!”

Zecora snorted. I got the impression I missed something.

I chuckled, perhaps a tad too mirthlessly, and reached up to brush off my brow. How often was I doing that? The skin under my fur was feeling a tad tender, but if I didn't, the sweat would get into my eyes and it stung. Zecora seemed to be studying me. Or that's the impression I got between blinks. By Celestia, why did it have to be so bright out?

“Do you Blueblood have any memory of how it is you came to be in the Everfree?”

“Oh, yes. I... was... uh. Flying. And I fell. Somehow.”

Zecora looked me over and smiled.

“It is rare thing to spy, a unicorn prince who can also fly. But then if Celestia is in your family ties, I shouldn't be surprised that you took to the skies. Although there are some problems and things. Like how you did it without wings!”

“It was... that.” I gestured with my hoof to the tree before wiping my brow again. “A device, a hang-glider. It carries you on the winds like a bird's wings, and with my magic I can even steer it and get some real controlled flight.” Why was my chest so tight?

Zecora frowned and looked me over. What, didn't she believe me?

“I know it was from the sky you fell, but even then you do not look so well.”

“I'm fine.” I panted. I shook my head emphatically, but stopped when the world went spinning. Again.

“Here,” she said, before dipping her muzzle under the cloak and, after some working, pulled out a water skin and tossed it to me with a flick of her snout. “You are sicker than you think. Take this and drink.”

I caught the skin reflexive with my magic and winced. Maybe she had a point. I, somewhat more clumsily than normal, undid the cap and pulled back my head to take an impressive swig.

“You should not be so quick, drinking that too fast will make you sick.”

I looked at her, but I didn't quiet have the strength to argue. So I took another, much smaller drink.

“Thanks,” I said, wiping my snout and passing the skin back to her. She waved me off and chuckled.

“You need that far more than I, oh Prince who can fly. Besides, I can always find more, it is not like it must be bought at the store. The forest has much to give, much to find and help to live. Although dangerous she can be, which is why you should probably come with me.”

I coughed and sputtered.

“I can't leave! What if Soarin and Trotter come looking for me here?”

“I see. Very well. Stay here then, if you feel confident to face the Everfree.”

And with that, she turned to leave, her tail swaying behind her in rhythm with her steps.

“Regardless, thank you!” I shouted after her.

“My help is welcome to you, oh prince whose blood is Blue.”

I really shouldn't stray to far from this spot, you understand. My friends would no doubt come looking for me... like they had most likely done for hours. Not finding me. Despite being there when I fell...

Somewhere off in the distance, something gave a horrifying chittering shriek.

“Zecora! ZECORA!!! WAIT!!!”

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Yes they were definitely looking for you all this time. :ajsmug:

I like this. It feels like the beginning of an adventure. (or maybe just an ordinary day in the woods with Zecora) It reminds me of Flight of the Alicorn. Prissy ponies in flying machines is just a very distinctive recipe I guess.

I should probably get around to starting This Platinum Crown at some point, but worryingly, it's approaching 8 months since the last update. At least Capn apparently still logs into the site...

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