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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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Progress Report 01 January 2016 · 2:40am Jan 2nd, 2016

Hi all! Happy new year!!

Wow, another year already? And I’m only at 300k words? I really need to pick up the pace! I feel like such a sloth.

New Year’s Resolutions…

Publish original book(s)…
Write more in Rites in this year than I have to date…
Lose weight…
Keep my sleep schedule mostly stable…
Treat writing like my job…
Get a kitty…
Move into a new place with just me and my wife living there...

Yeah, aiming high with lots to do!

Speaking of, not much new done this week due to holidays. But, I’m back home now, my sleep schedule is stable so far, and I’m back in the saddle for writing and editing! First task is to build up momentum again, and be sure to exercise lots. All the driving hurt my back again.

I do have some good news. I may have better Internet soon! In the next couple months the landlord may switch from a 10 Mbps down / 512 kbps up connection to a 50 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up collection! That would be the single best Internet connection I’ve ever had by an extremely wide margin! I could finally switch my iTunes account over to Canada and link it to my wife’s! Heck, I could do streaming if I wanted to!

In fact, I may just do that. I can’t play games like I used to, but certain games like city builders and turn-based strategy work well enough with trackpads, and those don’t hurt quite as much as a normal mouse. Maybe soon I’ll stream some Cities: Skylines or something!

I’m still editing the next chapter. Can’t wait to post this one. :)

Until next blog!


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Comments ( 2 )

Happy new year!

Write more in Rites in this year than I have to date…

Treat writing like my job…

If we use the 300k words number for this, we get a number in the 1k/day neighborhood, is that a lot? it feels like a lot. Not sure if i should be happy for getting more words, or if I shoud be worried that you'll crash and burn:pinkiecrazy:. You'll probably do fine, but I would cry if Rites was abandoned:pinkiesad2:

Get a kitty…

Saw a tv program 2 days ago about how the difference between a really human-friendly cat (like good with humans, cuddely, not afraid of stuff like kids and vaccum cleaners) and a regular outdoors cat is if they were made accustomed to kids, being picked up, and basically everything they would face in a human home, during something like week 2-6 or so (don't remember exactly, so I could be very off), so you might wanna research that :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, aiming high with lots to do!

Aim for the stars and end up on the moon. Whether you get all of this done or not, it's always progress.

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