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Guess who's back! · 2:11am Aug 18th, 2012

IIIII'm.... BACK! In the USA!
IIIII'm.... BACK! In the USA!

(If you get the joke, I will give you a cookie)

So yeah, back home, finally! And what's better, the chapter is finished and sent to the proofreaders! Not much longer now, loyal fans!

And for those who care: yes, I did try my first alcoholic beverage: gin, 7-up, and lime juice. It was pretty good, though a real soda like Sprite would've been better. I don't like 7-up. I did not, sadly, get to try poutine, but I DID go to an awesome brazilian steakhouse. Have you guys ever been to one of those places? SO. GOOOOOOOOD.

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Poutine isn't really anything special. Just melt some cheese over fries and cover it in gravy. And.... Back in the USA is a song or something, isn't it?

You heading through New York? I hear they got some major groove...

Is it Shady?

I'm sorry, I just had to...:trollestia:

I want you to reread that sentence. In the same breath, you say poutine is 'nothing special', and then you say it is fries covered with cheese and gravy. HOW IS THAT NOTHING SPECIAL?

Actually, I live in New York, so yeah.

:yay: I so cannot wait.

294256 That's what happens when you're Canadian. Now, you Americans, with your Chick-fil-A's and lack of gun control, that's special.


I am American, and I second your assessment of both the food and our country.

Chick-fill-a? Really? We have so much better then that down here.

Though I'm with you on the guns thing.

294256 Which makes it even funnier for me, as I was referring to "Back In The New York Groove" by KISS.

Cookie for you!

I wanna say you are referencing either "Born In The USA" or "Back In The USSR". Somehow I think I might be wrong. But to more important matters, welcome back and thanks for bringing back the gift of a new chapter.

The first one. You get half a cookie.

...Works for me!

Bruce Springsteen...:twilightsmile:

Yeah, it's stuck in my head.

So, an American eating at a Brazillian steakhouse in Canada...

Culture mixing has become too great

Yay! Welcome back! Can't wait to read the new chapter!

And yes, brazillian steakhouses are pure awesome. Best concept ever.

Isn't it though? I was SO FULL.


If you're not, you're doing it wong! :pinkiehappy:

So they let you back in?
Thanks a lot Homeland Security. :facehoof:

What's that supposed to mean?

Chill man, just a little joke.

My coworkers and I go between the border a few times a year. We make the same joke whenever one of us gets back to the office.

Lol welcome back...actually this means you left, since I live in Canada

My 1st drink was a Bacardi and coke, it was good I had ALOT of that, didn't get drunk though so I ain't a lightweight but my toilet was busy 6 hours later....great Vegas trip


Welcome back.

No cookie for me:pinkiesad2:
But a new chapter soon.:twilightsheepish:

Meh, all the gin in the world can burn for all I care. Juniper isn't a pleasant taste.

And poutine really is nothing special. Gravy and fries don't mix. You just get a soggy lump of potato. Fries should be crispy.

Hopefully you had an easy enough time getting back into the country. I recently had a purely domestic flight that went to hell because of some unholy combination of TSA interference, delayed flights due to storms, and missed layovers due to said delays.

Granted, you're in New York, there's a chance you drove to Canada, in which case ignore everything I said.

AWESOME! Now you can R.O.C.K in the USA!!!!



It's not cheese... It's cheese curds. :twilightsmile:

295540 Thank you for clarifying that, you're so very helpful.


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