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Time to fess up · 1:37am Sep 26th, 2013

Alright, guys. Time for me to bite the bullet. My Choices is officially On Hiatus.

Yeah, I know. It's pretty much been On Hiatus for a while now. But now it's official. I need to stop worrying about a project that's been stalled for a while now, and focus my energies elsewhere so I can keep writing. If I don't do this, it'll keep sitting in the back of my mind, taunting me with it's incompleteness. What I do now, I do for my peace of mind and the quality of my other writing.

With that said, my latest work is not being posted here, as it is not pony-related. My latest fandom of choice is Worm, an online serial with a fairly dark take on superheroes and super villains. Read it if you like that kind of thing, it's really good. And then once you do, check out my Worm/Justice League cross, A Different Kind of Justice.

Thank you all for your support and dedication. I promise, as soon as I can think about this story without feeling exhausted and harried, I will return to it. Until then... So long!

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But, everyone needs some time to relax and recharge. So, do your thing, have some fun, enjoy life a little. Just what the Doctor ordered.

A shame, but valid reasons. I look forward to when you can get back to it. :yay:

Ahh, that's too bad.

Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do. People often forget that fanfiction writing is supposed to be a hobby, and if it's no longer enjoyable to you, you should stop.

Take care

Dang. Hate to hear it, but do you what ya gotta do.

Bummer. But, I shall wait patiently as I have been doing.

I know the feeling. I left a story unfinished in the last fandom I was in but haven't had the juice to finish ever since I got into pony.

Good luck with your other works!

Frustrating, but understandable.

Seems interesting to read. Sadly I'm busy at the moment, so it might be a while until I read it. And 1.4kk of a good story? :pinkiehappy:
And damn, I looked forward to the next chapter, but ah well, if it helps, then it has to be done, right?

Well a good story I like less than My Choices is still a good story and therefore beats no story because all you feel is harried rather than creative. Hopefully the spark will eventually return.

Hope you come back soon. Hate to you go, but understandable. This is supposed to be fun hobby. Doesn't work if it's no longer fun.


But sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to.
At least its just On Hiatus and not cancelled.
It doesnt make it feel any less painful thou.

Oh, that's you? I'm already reading your other story. Small world.

Just DON'T let it die! Please?:twilightsheepish:

Totally saw it coming.
Koolerkid, try to get back to it eventually. I've done the same thing... The last time I got back to my stories on Fanfiction.net was in 2011..

This is where I first heard of Worm. Didn't actually read it until I saw it in two other places, rule of three and all.

... Mostly, I just want to see how on earth you write Contessa in any context with the JLA. Good luck with that.

I promise, as soon as I can think about this story without feeling exhausted and harried, I will return to it.

And just when do you think that will be? As soon as "A Different Kind of Justice" is finished?

Yo, what's going on with yo life that is making you make this decision. I don't want to argue with you, but it would put my mind at ease to know how you came to this decision.

I just hope it doesn't die. This is the highest-potential fic I've seen on this site.

Take your time, we'll be waiting. Quality can't be rushed, after all.

And I've waited for a long time for a great many stories to update before... I got practice.

Also, on a related side-note, A Different Kind of Justice is good. Keep up that consistent pace.
[triple harsh-glares-with-false-sense-of-entitlement emoticons]

Well, that kind of sucks, I guess. I have had this story in my read later list since the last update, I think. I really don't know. Either way, I hope that when I finally do get to this story (I am only commenting about it because I decided to see what the most popular story I have is that is in my read later list), it will be updated. If not, oh well.

Best of luck!

Have you made any headway into thinking about this story at all, as of late? For good or bad?

It's really a shame.
I've been reading the story almost from the very beginning.
And being a big fan of stories involving alternate timelines and changing history, as well as a supporter of education and enlightenment, this story became and still is one of my top 5 favorites on this site.
And although the entire premise became plainly obvious from the very beginning and I knew exactly what was going to happen, there is a big difference between knowing how the story will end and enjoying the way it takes to get to this end. :D.

With that said, I really hope that you will find strength and motivation to eventually continue the story. Until then, good luck with your other projects and affairs ;).

Meanwhile I'm trying to get motivation to start drawing again. And to work on my thesis.

I just came here to check on my favourite ponyfic and I'm kinda disappointed but I'm also exited because I learned that you're writing worm stuff on sb! I will definitely be checking that out.

well that stinks, but what can I do,(nothing) so I wish you luck but I will still be waiting for more ch but only if and when you update so till than I be look forward to more ch and storys you make. (top 3 time travel faveortys story) <- just to let you know

Man, it's really been that long since you posted this? Wow.

Man, it's been a few years; how have been doing lately?

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