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I think Obabscribbler is trying to tell us something... · 7:54pm Nov 20th, 2015

And this just got uploaded, and a little while after...you know...this...


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hah! Unique, I'll get you some water for that burn.



ObabScribbler, you are the best. I mean.


I can't burn Unique and you just did. Woot.

3556332 Wait, this was meant to be a burn? I don't get it.

If anything I thought it complimented the animation I did? If anything, I inspired Obabscribbler, so technically I helped her out, and she owes me big time for it. She can start by sending me an email thanking me, and then she can take ME out on a date. I deserve a little treat for helping her with my amazing animation after all, do I not?

I await Obabscribbler's phone call.


... Bye, I'm gonna go tell Twidash!

3556539 Good luck with that. Her router's down. She had to use a McDonald restaurant wi-fi to speak with me the other night.

Besides, at this moment in my life, I'm lending my heart to her until we finally get to meet. Then I can take my heart back and treat the lady to a nice date.


Oh, i've been meaning to ask, do you live in an area where the windstorm took affect?

3556601 I live in a little village outside of Buxton. Here, the winds can become strong enough to literally carry gazebos a couple of miles.

And yes - it was OUR gazebo that disappeared one night.

3556601 And how was Obabscribbler's video a burn at all? I really want to know. Like I said, it looked more like a compliment to my animation than a burn.

Do he got the booty?

3557219 I got the car booty. That count?

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