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You know, for a smart pony, I do some really stupid things.

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    I'm gone

    The title says it all

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  • 215 weeks
    Sorry about the break guys

    Took myself a quick break since I was getting tired and uninspired for a bit there, but now I'm back in action. Look forward to more chapters of whatever I feel like writing.

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    I was gone for a very long time

    April 10th, 2016.

    That was the last time I posted something before disappearing for over a year.

    But I'm back now, after life threw pothole after bad luck after just straight up laziness my way, I'm finally back on this sight.

    Has it been rough for me? Yes, real life is tough. Not to mention I'm two whole seasons behind on the TV series. Yeah, bad Faulty.

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    I know. A three and a half month break. Who even does that? But, I may very well be back soon, if not now. So, yay!

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  • 320 weeks

    Well, that's great. Equestrian Origins was posted right on time. I personally think I did great on it. Almost too great. I think I'd actually rather make Equestrian Origins my main project for now, rather than FoE:SL. I'm actually pretty undecided about that. They could both be interesting stories, but the characters I have planned for EO are more... bright? Cheery? I'll leave it up to anyone

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On Hiatus · 9:27pm Nov 13th, 2015

Fallout Equestria: Surviving Light, has been put on a temporary hiatus.
I'd like to make it similar to Fallout 4, but I haven't yet gotten the chance to play, or even purchase, the game yet. Once only just recently gotten a job, which means I don't have enough money to just throw around. So, after I get, and play, Fallout 4 and experience it for myself, I will continue FoE:SL.
So, in the meantime, Equestrian Origins will be made my primary project, and a Doctor Whooves story will be my secondary.

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