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You know, for a smart pony, I do some really stupid things.


I'm gone · 4:13am Apr 18th, 2018

The title says it all

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A little about me

I enjoy to roleplay, and am always up for any roleplay ideas. They really get my creative juices flowing. (I try to veer away from clop rps, but always find myself entangled in their nasty webs anyway.)
I enjoy writing. In fact, I enjoy creating. I have some skill in Photoshop, but I cannot draw a decent picture to save my life. I've always wanted to be a video game designer, but ever since I started writing my story so long ago, I think I found something that I enjoy a lot more. I wonder what Pen Name I should use. F. Driver?
I also tend to be a bit of a sarcastic prick sarcastic person. In fact, the character of Vanilla Cream from FoE:SL is somewhat based off of me.
And I think that pretty much sums up good ol' Screwdriver.

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