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Vacation Time! · 5:18am Aug 12th, 2012

Good news, everyone! Come this Tuesday, me and the family are going up to Canada for a few days! YAAAAAY!

Oh, what's this, you say? You don't consider this good news, especially considering that it's unlikely that I'll have internet up in the Big White North? Well, consider this, then, my faithful readers. It's going be a seven-hour car ride, minimum, and I'm bringing my laptop. What do guys terminally bored out of their mind on a long road trip if they have their laptops? If they're like me, they write. So, probably gonna make some significant progress. I'll only be gone for a few days (the exact length is a bit unclear at the moment), but I'll be sure to update you guys on my progress when I get back.

PS: Did you know the legal drinking age in Canada is two years lower then the States? Fine times are ahead!

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So I assume your going to eat some poutine? :pinkiesick:

Don't get too crazy with the liquor. We don't need any stupid shenanigans to happen while you're having a good time. Moderation is key!

Still, live it up while you can!

Erm.... what's that?

Ah, don't worry. I probably won't have more then a drink or two. I have no intention to get really drunk; my parents would probably crucify me if I did.


Poutine? Tis' only the most glorious of fast food delicacies! I urge you to try it!

Where are you going Kooler?

Also, the legal drinking age in Quebec is actually 18.

Mmm, I do love fast food... but what exactly is it? Don't make me Google it; I'm always nervous about googling words I don't know.

Eh, just up to Niagara Falls. We've been there before, once; it's pretty cool. The Canadians really did get the better side.

Have fun! Safe fun, but fun!:pinkiehappy:


Poutine is just fries, squishy cheese and a gravy sorta sauce.... you know, just brown sauce. That's the most common poutine you'll find, although I have tried many different sorts.

And yes, I agree. Canada is best country :rainbowlaugh:

Cheese fries with gravy?

HELL. YES. I must hunt down this poutine for myself! I can feel my arteries clogging in anticipation already! (I'm a HUGE junk food addict, if that escaped your notice)

>So I'm going on vacation…


>But I'll be getting lots of writing done.


Enjoy your Canada experience. Just don't let the blood yetis or dire bobcats carry you off in your sleep.

Watch out for the windigos.

Don't worry, you guys. I'm a trained cyrptozoologist and Canadian survival specialist.


Well don't get bitten by a moose. Moose bites can be really nasty. :rainbowlaugh:

lol if you're in the right province, it can be three years younger than the US legal drinking age actually :raritywink:

Ya drinking age is 19 up here...have fun! And remember, its aboot up here not about eh

We have a lower drinking age than the US? Huh. You learn something new every day, I guess.

Yeah, the drinking age in the US is 21; apparently two (or three, depending on location) years lower.

If I remember right poutine is French fries with mayonnaise, never struck my fancy. Anyways, good to know you'll be doing some writing and having a fine vacation.

I smell updates!!!!:pinkiehappy: Still waiting that sequel to My Little Avengers...I know it will be totally worth it...


If you make it all the way up to Toronto, there are actually restaurants that specialise in poutine. Specifically <a href="http://smokespoutinerie.com/">Smokes Poutinerie</a>.

That being said, one of my goals in life is to go to Quebec. Just so I can have plate of authentic poutine.

French fries with mayonnaise is a British thing, not a French thing. :raritywink:

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