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    Do you draw? I have a contest for you!

    I'm hosting a draw my dragonsonna contest on deviantart.

    Link here.

    She's a sweet, sometimes grumpy cactus dragon the size of a cat.

    The prizes include some rice bags made by myself. Traditional or digital art accepted!

    Check it out for a chance to win.


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    Discord Server

    So I FINALLY got a Discord account.

    I'm making a Discord server run by me for the purpose of helping each other out with stories. At least I'll try to. Me vs. technology. -__-

    Anywho, message me if you'd like the address.


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    Hello. It's cold where I am. Like COLD. Anywho . . .

    Which story would you be most interested in my reviving/updating? I really can only work on one at a time.

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    Pokes head in

    How's it going? You all still writing and reading?

    Give me an update if you want, I've been gone so long.

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    Sorry all

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[Random Headcanon Party]: Because I'm Booooored! · 3:50am Oct 12th, 2015

I'm a bored donkey, so I'll give you a snippet of what goes on in my dorky brain while I write stories. Think I don't plan anything out? Well, I do, it's just ALL in my head. Every character I write has some sort of backstory (canon or OC), and almost all have extremely detailed backstories. What? Seriously? Yup. Here's a little of what I've got. Plus some awesome art I found too!

Rainbow Dash:

A portion of a comic by PashaPup Give her a watch, she's awesome!

I see Rainbow as being far less confident on the inside than she is on the outside. She values loyalty above all else because she is personally acquainted with the sting of betrayal. When she was just a filly, her mother left her for another stallion, leaving her father to raise her on his own. This left her bitter to her mother and reluctant to trust anypony else. When she does finally let her guard down and begin to trust, she refuses to let go of them. She therefore tends towards an unhealthy reliance on those friends, allowing her fear of being abandoned take hold of her better sense. Even when it's time to say goodbye, she refuses to accept it. That becomes both her greatest strength and her greatest failing.

When she falls for Trenderhoof, she find somepony who is strong not only on the outside, but also on the inside. He trusts without worrying about whether or not his friends will betray him because he tends to be rather independent. When Rainbow Dash becomes unhealthily attached to him, he does not simply allow it. Rather, he points out what Rainbow is doing and encourages her to become a stronger person that can stand on her own. It's only thanks to the Mane 6 and Trend that she finally overcomes her fear of abandonment for good.


by Dragonfoxgirl

I can't talk about Rainbow without her man, now can I? He, he. I'm horrible, I know. Anywho, Trend's got a rather detailed past in my headcanon. He grew up in downtown Detrot where his father worked as a special reporter and his mom worked as a fashion designer and photographer (she wears a lot of hats). When Trend was just a few years old, his father got cancer. He had to watch his Dad die from the disease, and at age 8, he and his mother were left with a mountain of doctors bills and no way to get out of debt. His situation is quite the opposite of Rainbow's which is yet another reason why they work so well as a couple. Trend spent most of his years being raised by his mom as his father was in the hospital most of the time and after his death, she was his only real family left.

His mother worked crazy long hours and they hardly had enough to get by. Trend loved his mom, and knew the only way he'd get to spend time with her was if he helped her at work. So, every day after school he'd run off to her office and help work with the models, costumes, sets, and whatever else she needed help with. That generated his knowledge and love for the fashion industry. Though he only knew his Dad for a bit, News Cast gave Trend a love and appreciation of the written word. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to teach Trend how to be a stallion. As such, Trend tends to act like stallions he saw on TV or read about in books. Over the top, theatrical, and a little fake. He thinks that being fake is the only way he'll get attention, and it's only after Simple Ways that he starts to see the error in his ways.

When Trend's 12 going on 13, his mother remarries. His step-dad is an incredibly sweet hoofball coach for the Detrot college team. He's wealthy, and so they are taken out of poverty and Trend's able to study. His two step-brothers tease him a lot, but they love each other regardless, and Trend thinks of them fondly.

Trend's independence and refusal to ask for help is similar to Rainbow's. However, Rainbow will often seek advice when he won't. As such, she has a lot to teach Trend about friendship and trusting others. However stubborn Trend is, he is loyal. When he starts dating Rainbow, he doesn't even see other mares as a possibility. He turns out to be one of the best husbands a mare could ask for, though he can be hopelessly romantic at times.


by CosmicAcorn

Dawwee. My little baby's all sad. Come to me, misery. :rainbowkiss: *ahem* Sooo, Spike. I love this guy. I really do. I just wish the show had enough common sense to use him to his potential! Darn writers . . . Spike's one of those characters I cannot help but admire. He's like the ONLY dragon in all of Equestria to live amongst ponies. And yet, he never acts as if it bothers him. He considers himself one of the gang. Still, I cannot help but think it hurts him deep down. Why am I different? Do they see me like they see other ponies? Etc. Etc.

In my headcanon, Spike's rather tied in with Discord. Because, he's already got a mother/sister figure in Twilight, I think he needs a father/brother figure. Who better than Discord? He's a draconequus after all. In my universe, Discord fills in the hole that the ponies simply can't for Spike. He shows Spike how to be himself without having to be isolated from everyone else. Through his encouragement, Spike gets a much needed confidence boost. Discord has all the time in the world and is quick to play with Spike or include him in his shenanigans.

After Discord and Twilight become mates/partners/I need a better word, Discord takes it upon himself to make Spike an active member of the family. In essence, he and Twilight start raising him as a son rather than an assistant. When Eventide comes along, Spike is all too happy to take on the roll of big brother. Spike's loyalty to Discord and Twilight extends to the point where he would stand up to Celestia and Luna in defense of them.

Another random headcanon bit. I saw this on Deviantart once and it kind of made sense. Spike could easily be a water dragon. He, he. Weird, but I dunno. It does make sense in a funky way. I'll keep that in mind and maybe someday I'll consider adopting it into my own.


by Lopoddity

Where there's Spike, there's Discord. At least in my world. Well, I could honestly write you all—and I'm not exaggerating here—a ten thousand word essay on my Discord headcanon. Soooo, I'll just give a few bits and pieces. Discord's my favorite character and as such, gets a lot of extra time, love, and attention from me.

One fun bit in my headcanon is that Discord has a BAD temper. It takes a while to get there, but when you push him over the edge he snaps in a big way. Draconequus in my universe are naturally bloodthirsty, aggressive beasts. They do not hesitate to kill for sport, and if angered far enough, even an intelligent one will act like a wild animal out on a hunt. Twilight and the others learn this the hard way needless to say.

Discord is incredibly powerful even for a draconequus because he was blessed by the gods themselves. The High Priest's line is known to be skilled users of chaos magic, but even Havoc's magic could not compare with Discord's.

Despite being capable of conjuring up any number of surfaces to rest on, Discord is still most comfortable on cold hard stone. Though he sleeps in a bed, if he's feeling particularly lonely or upset, he sleeps on a smooth stone slab. That's how he used to sleep as a child. Right next to his dad on the stone.

Celestia fell in love with Discord as a teenager, but he rejected her. He never held any feelings for her after he realized she only wanted him as long as he acted like a proper pony would. She has never really gotten over him, and after he marries Twilight, Discord avoids talking to Celestia alone whenever possible as not to dredge up painful memories for her.


Oh, he's a FUN OC. So much depth to him! [squees] Anywho, this guy . . . he's badass, there's no doubt. Born in a time of war to a warmonger, Havoc has only ever known violence, death, and divine retribution. He is feared among his subjects for good reason. During the Great Reckoning, Havoc did not hesitate to kill and even devour his enemies. Any soldiers that hesitated to follow orders were slain, no questions asked. And yet, he considers everything he has done to be the will of the gods. Whether or not that is the case is less clear.

After his people move to Equestria, Havoc allies himself with Morpheus, largely for his own amusement, but also because he longs for purpose once more. A general ties quickly in times of peace after all, even if he is the High Priest. He teases Morpheus relentlessly, but learns to enjoy the company of his strange friend. Though, Havoc is far older and wiser than Morpheus. He tires quickly of arrogance and pacifism. When the griffon empire attacks, it is he who drives Equestria's forces through the desert to seek revenge.

Havoc loves Discord more than life itself. To the draconequus, a child is the ultimate blessing as their conception rate is so incredibly low. He sees that Discord is particularly blessed, and pushes him as much as possible in order to prepare him for his future duties as High Priest.

Though bloodthirsty, Havoc remains devout in all aspects of life. If the gods give him a command, he does not even hesitate to carry it out. That infuriates Morpheus, but Havoc does not bend. He will never bend where the gods are concerned.

And there you have it! Random headcanon fun. Sorta kinda. Or maybe I just ended up making YOU bored. Ah well,


— Bluegrass

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I love your headcanons blue


This was great! I mean, seriously.... How DEEEEEEEEEEP can you make every. single. character. It's so AWESOME!!!:rainbowkiss:

love your head canons, so much. So very, very much.

TrenderDash and TrenderJack both make me smile, and to an extent make sense, especially with your backstories. Oddly enough, your Trenderhoof would probably mesh well with Applejack toooo. :duck: Well, be able to grow out of interacting more with her for sure.

Also, I looooove the idea for Spike being a water dragon, though we haven't really seen different types of dragons in Equestria (besides Spike), just different shapes.

Though the one aspect of your headcanon that we have received very little light into is the area of the old gods. Who are they> What are they? Why have they been so quiet as of late? Why blood sacrifices? Are they patron gods, like each race had one or are they more elemental?

Angry Discord, run for the hills. Also Spike is so cute.

Another random headcanon bit. I saw this on Deviantart once and it kind of made sense. Spike could easily be a water dragon.

:trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftleft:
Spoilers for the following story, and it's a rather important plot revelation, so don't click it if you don't want it...

Story 237714.

It's a really good story, though.

We have the same basis on headcanon for Spike: That anything that's a serious problem is simmering under the surface, never to be brought up by him, but still an issue that should be handle.

I wonder if it's unfair to the showrunners to basically take things that were conclusions of his episodes and decide that they are insufficiently answered, or still problems under the surface... We know Twilight really cares due to Owl's Well right? So why is it that Twilight often has to change her behavior in the story? We know Twilight and the girls are declared (by Spike) to be Spike's family after Dragon Quest, and that he thinks he belongs with ponies... So why do we need to solve the problem of Spike's familial relations?

But... those are both things that were not very well followed up on, and it's always been Fanfiction's job to build out things the fans want to see built out. So maybe it's not that ridiculous.

Twilight and the others this the hard way needless to say.

I'm assuming that's 'other learn this'

but rejected her.

'but he rejected her'

Anyway, awesome headcanons.

I wouldn't say the excerpt about Rainbow Dash or Spike are entirely headcanon, though I like the idea that Rainbow's mom abandoned her. She seems like she doesn't have much of a strong feminine role model in her life. Based off canon evidence, your conclusions about Dashie's backstory makes a lot of sense.

Tanks For The Memories, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, the two most infamous "Rainbow Dash has a mental breakdown" episodes. Both struggles, as ridiculous as they are, can be broken down to her not wanting to be abandoned. I kind of wrote a reference chart detailing my interpretations of the mane six based only off canon episodes, and Dash is in there if you want more info on what I think. . ..030 I just spent three frickin hours on this and hardly anyone read it http://mirandaescalante.deviantart.com/journal/Understanding-MLP-Characters-Reference-Chart-561781532

As for Spike, I LOVE his portrayal in Dragon Quest, Equestria Games, and the first EQG movie. He is a really cool character when he's in a supporting role, because he best plays the straight man to Twi or her friends. His own episodes aren't always that great, but you have to give the writers credit where it's due.

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