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    I'm back

    2019 was a bad year, next one will be better.

    Like, I'm Stadia bad going to Master PC Race good.

    I have two stories in the works, they will be out next year.

    Also come on, the fucking Stadia is DOA.

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    So you might have noticed that I haven't been posting a lot in a while, also haven't been streaming for a while.

    So you all know I was working night manager at my Dairy Queen. I had it pretty good, solid hours, decent pay, made cakes with penises on them. Shit was pretty cash.

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    S3E103: Castle Bound

    This is my favorite Resident Evil 4 image ever.


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Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition · 4:37am Oct 6th, 2015

Did you know I run a Youtube channel?

I run a Youtube channel, and it is a small as hell Youtube channel, but it is fun.

I am taking a small break from Minecraft to do a game you all know and love: SUPER MARIO 64. Only problem is that it is the CHAOS EDITION. Basically a Gameshark or some modification device is in it and it modifies values as it goes along. It isn't a violently weird from Vinnie's Super Mario Bros corruptions, but it goes very far. Like MAKING EVERYTHING HOME IN ON ME.

So enjoy me freaking out with my best friend Pakoo. If you thought I was funny in Alternative Swearing you might like us live.

Also I do Minecraft.

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Comments ( 3 )

Y U NO write your fics instead of playing games? >: P

But in all seriousness, this is like a mockery!

I'll be checking this out shortly, thanks!

OMG what was going on with the battlefield?! It's like the game got jacked up on narcotics!!! xD
I lost it at "What's Happening?!" The game had enough of this plumber!!!! LOL

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