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Aegis Seeks Animator · 3:24pm Oct 3rd, 2015

Do any of you guys know any quality animators or animating studios for hire? I've been trying very hard, but the internet is quite large and search engines don't seem to help very much for the serious quality that I want. I'm talking "Batmetal Returns" sort of quality, on the scale of perhaps 30 seconds or so. (Yes I know that's expensive, but the quality is worth it) It's not necessarily for a pony project, but I thought I would ask the community since there are so many cartoonists, artists and writers among us.

Can anyone point me in the proper direction?

~Aegis Shield

P.S. I did a Q and A recently, there's a little bit of pony in it for anypony interested. Here's the Link.

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This girl is AWESOME...http://www.crowneprince.horse/hire/

Here is her youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Scalasis/videos. She's got a very unique style of animation, and is ana ll-around cool person.

You sure you can afford that? Dunno where to search for it, too expensive 4 me. Good luck with your project anyway.

he did an Epic Video for Bronycan's opening.

Crown Prince is great as well.

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