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  • Thursday
    Random Idea #76: Magic Fortress Rewrite, aka MF2 or ctf_apploosa

    I've been dissatisfied with how I wrote the first version for a while. Way, way too serious. It was a common issue whenever I took a look at TF2's fanfic scene, something it seems very few have been able to capture the humor of the comics, yet I tried to do the same anyways.

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    Diary Updoot 28 - 29

    Surprise, update. Turns out being very bored at work is one form of motivation. For the first time in 6 years, I have finally advanced into new territory.


    The dead march further into Sombra's territory.

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    Diary Updoot 24 - 27

    Chapters 24 through 27 have been updated. We are now finally (slowly) advancing into the Sombra arc.

    Also, I wrote a finale of sorts to Agatha's story, if you're interested in knowing how it all ends (in my head, anyways)

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    Idea #75: Thesis on the flexibility of G4

    Hey, I’m an Engineer. That means I solve problems. Not problems like “Why is Monarchy?”, because that would fall under the purview of Ideology. No, I’m all about worldbuilding

    [1] Introduction

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    Random Idea #74: (non)Combustion Civilization

    This thought was spawned from comments across the internet about just how much of a technological boost the utilization of fossil fuels for industry gave to humanity. As much as it sucks long term environmentally (carbon, smog, nitrous oxides, etc) and short term (volatility to exploding via sparks), fossil fuels are, still, unparalleled in mobile, compact power, and gives one the resources to

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Random Idea #22: Lyra the WerePony · 5:14am Oct 1st, 2015

Description: On the nights of the full moon, Lyra becomes a little ... different. Bon Bon wonders why.
And no, its not a wolf.

People who check the roots of the word "Werewolf" will get it.

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Comments ( 4 )

Oh~, yeah, that's a neat twist.

So... she goes anthro? Seems the most 'logical' given most modern variants on the myth, and you could get quite a few 'twisted abomination' jokes out of that. :derpytongue2:

Sure. Maybe. I dunno. This is mainly me waving a flag at people and hoping someone notices. It was meant to be some sort of long running gag where Bon Bon thinks Lyra is turning into a wolf and/or having carnivorous habits, but Lyra at the end turns human-ish, and then lectures Bon Bon on linguistics or something.


So... Uniformity?

Sad that it's on hiatus.

Oh hey.
*RIL's ... wait. I did this already.
And I'm following. I don't remember this. Oh. "As Celestia as my Witness." Makes sense.

Tho what fragments of plot I had for this was mostly an extended joke, trying to pretend Lyra is actually a hurswolf and changing the subject constantly.

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