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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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I just did one of the biggest things in my life tonight · 2:37am Sep 20th, 2015

As most of you know, I've written about half a million words worth of stories which revolved around two different OCs of mine, both of whom that experienced less than positive reactions from their parents in regards to coming out. And while a few people have commented with ideas of what may have inspired the scenes I wrote, the truth of the matter is that they were NOT based on real events in my life. In fact, in the years that I wrote Brushed Away and Brushed Away 2 (along with several years before that), there are a lot of family members that I never came out to.

Until now.

Since I recently got myself a caring boyfriend, I realized that I couldn't keep hiding myself from my Dad by the time I turn 25 next month, so... I called him about it. Before tonight, I was absolutely terrified because, well... I figured he would be 100% against me being gay. He was never afraid to state his opinion on gay people, and he was fairly conservative on a lot of things. In fact, my fears about what could've happened were big factors to certain scenes that I've written. Needless to say, he was the person I was most afraid to tell.

Anyway, less than an hour ago, I called my Dad. And after some small conversation, I told him that I'm in the first big relationship in my life. When he asked who it was. I said my boyfriend's name.

After a long silence, and some confirmation of what I just told him, his big statement was: "Well... if you're happy, then you're happy, I guess..."

He still loves me, and even though he doesn't approve, he doesn't hate me. And honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better reaction from him.

He was the biggest reason I was afraid to come out, and now I have nothing holding me back. He knows, he's okay with it (at least okay enough to not disown me), and I just took off the biggest boulder that was around my chest for the past 8 years. I know that this isn't a story update or anything (trust me, it's coming), but I just wanted to get this out.

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awesome dude lets have a party at my house well sadly you don't know where I live but we could go somewhere like a zap zone because I am a killer at lazer tag

Good to hear! Congrats! :raritystarry:

Congratulations on having the courage to come out to your family. I know how terrifying it can be so I raise my glass to you and wish you nothing but happiness.


I'm glad that went well. I don't know what it's like to go through that, but it can't be easy.

You know, our greatest fears cause us to die a thousand deaths, without ever leaving the confines of our own thoughts. That you tackled this, and met it head on, was very brave. You have my utmost respect. Good on you, and it is good to hear that your relationship with your father will hold fast.

My heartfelt congratulations for overcoming this hurdle. Also, my best to you and your boyfriend. :)

Congrats im happy for you

Always a hard thing to do. 'Grats man.

awesome congrats

Congratulations Claw! We are all very proud of you! :heart:

Super proud of you! Glad you came to the hurdle and, not only jumped it, went rainbow mode and did circles around it!

I'm glad for you Vclaw. Glad things sotra worked out. Congrats & thanks for answering a few of my q's on your inspiration. Keep up the great work.

Congratz Claw! Really happy that you were able to open up to your dad. And congratz to you and your boyfriend! I'm certain your both lucky men. :pinkiehappy: :heart:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :yay::heart::yay:

Good for you dude. Cool that your dad was understanding, and by the way, good job with your series. Been following it, saw you improve at every chapter, and it's always a pleasure to find that a new one is out. Congrats.

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