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<---- Drawn by mix-up. All I have to say is disappearing is easier when its a crowd of people that are exactly like you.

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    Wow...it's been awhile.

    So I guess the lot of you want to know where I've been. Why did I drop off the map without so much as a word right? Well I've been moving on with my real life with my actual job and friends and the like. This got put on the back burner and almost forgotten entirely because I just didn't care to check up on it as much sense writing wasn't so much fun anymore. To those of you that have tried

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    Yay, I'm older now!

    Just one more year until I am 20... :facehoof: I have nothing to show for the last 19 years of my life.

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    I'm just gonna leave this here

    Lyra is best pone. Even if booping is dangerous.

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    Remember how I said I'd stop procrastinating? Well I did and sat down to start writing something for you all! Then I drew a blank! I couldn't think of anything at all! I'm sorry to those of you that wanted to see something new or something to be updated, but I felt I should let you all know. I'm sorry.

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    Time to stop procrastinating.

    I finally feel like writing and have the time (not at the immediate time) to actually work on a story! This have the question though, which do I work on first? If you guys want to pick out one of my stories your like to see get moving already then let me know. Until I get clear answers the order will be

    The roads we take

    I'm famous?

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Let's talk · 10:28pm Sep 17th, 2015

A lot of you guys know I love talking to you all so I figured I should make it clear with a blog post. I love talking to you all! There, it is done. In actuality I'm making this blog for those of you that wish to chat with me about anything other than my stories such as games, MLP, or just life in general. I'm not prohibiting talking about my stories here. I'm just saying it's better to say those things on the story. Oh and for those of you who didn't catch yesterdays blog before it got deleted. I was going to play a few games with some of you if you were interested, and I'm still up for it just leave a message and I'll get to you. Thank you all for taking your time to read this and I'll see you later. :pinkiehappy:

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with ze games... it depends on what games/ consoles you have to wether i can participate.
could you...
answer me, these question three? if the other side you seek.
what, is your user name?
what is your quest?
and, what, is your favorite colour?

Okay, so, how's life right now for you other than "Good. Have a lot of school work, but it's nothing I can't handle"

here's a good question

if you had to be stuck in another world with no way back, what world would you be stuck in? Excluding MLP of course

User name on steam i jimthedestroyer. I have the generic fallout 3 pic with the quote.
My quest is to rule all of man kind with a firm hand in civ 5. or to kill everyone in TF2 or CS:GO
My favorite color is dark blue. Like the center of a sapphire.

3399842 A little stressful with one of my teachers recently having a heart attack. Good thing is it should of killed him and he told death to fuck off because he is A OK! Other than that bit life is great especially since I get to meet all of you guys! :rainbowkiss:

That good enough?

3399844 That's a good question because all the cool worlds would result in death...Am I the main character in said world?

I would love to join you but unfortunately I don't really play video game. The new game that I buyed was Star Craft 2. And what is this Steam that I keep hearing about.....?

3399927 ... You don't know about Steam? ... ... ... I... disappoint....

3399927 It's an online site that let's you buy games. It's the easiest place to find a wide variety of them and that's not even going into the steam sales. It basically works like xbox live or psn, but for the computer.

3399934 All Praise Lord Gaben for the Steam Sales

3399943 For without him I could not afford some of the games I own!


Well I was exaggerating a little I have a vague idea of what it is; I was just exaggerating how I'm really out of the gaming community. It is just that I prefer to watch others play games on you tube while I practice my drawing. A doe, after seeing a lot a Extra Credit I am starting to think that I have been missing out on a lot.

3399975 Some games are worth it. I wouldn't say you're missing out a lot though...okay you are, but hay it's just something to kill time with.


you're just you as you are

are...are you joking about steam? i seriously can't tell.

EDIT:just read this message.3399975 but i was genuinely surprised at you first comment.

I love you talking to me too. Thanks for taking as much time as you do to reply to comments. So to start a conversation what's your favorite tv show? Mine's Transformers Prime.

3400473 I love a wide variety of shows, but nothing tops futurama for me.

Edit: I forgot to talk about the comments!:pinkiegasp: I feel that it is only polite that I reply to all of you. Besides you're all fun to talk to.

3400468 As high of a chance of death as there is I suppose fallout. Just need to find the alien blaster and I'm good for about a month

Hi, um, I need to question and ask for help in something that is not important but it is something that is driving me crazy, this is the question:
Do any of you (ie anyone reading this) knows what song is this loop? The name of the loop is "I can't sleep"
I know that, A. It took me long to realize this post.
B. Damn you, annotation on new stories
C. The video is Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's play

3433724 I don't know that song. Do you think it's possible whoever made that also created the song for it?

3434014 It is a "swf" used in many pages of loops or viral video pages, so no, the author does not appear anywhere. It's a shame, there are people who try to find the name for 3 or more years ago, some Anons in 4chan forums of loop/songs/viral videos and Steam forums are from 2010.
But enough of this, unfortunately, it's a mystery of the Internet :/ , let's talk about everyday things n.n How have you been lately?

3436012 I've been pretty good. School has decided to give me a lot of projects though. It's a good thing I took my break when I did or I'd never get them all done. Aside from that nothing really new has been happening lately unless you count getting a new story idea or figuring out how to pull off the next chapter in one of my stories.

What's up?

3839321 Oh nothing really. Mostly been focusing on school work and I changed jobs last week. That's about it, you?

3839889 school mostly, haven't talked with you in a while and I wanted to change that.

3840013 well thank you very much. What would you like to talk about?

3840018 Right now it's late for me and I might not stick around too long cause I'm tired. But I do want to talk about some stuff.

3840039 oh...I got back a bit late it seems... sorry. What did you want to talk about?

3840103 Just anything really. Do you like Undertale?

3840106 I haven't played it. I've been meaning to but haven't had time

3840113 Me too. I really want to play it.

3840145 do you think you'll update the other button anytime soon.

3840152 I don't know. I put it on hiatus because I can't think of how to end it properly

3840155 ah, gotcha. I'm starting to miss it.

3840163 :fluttershysad: I am too, but I have to end it on a good note

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