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Feel Free to Take a Sneak Peek · 12:39am Sep 15th, 2015

It's been a while since I've done this (years, I believe), but it's also been ages since my last update, and I keep thinking of more details to add to this chapter, ever extending past my own deadline. :raritydespair:

As such, here's a short preview that I hope can tide you guys over for the next 1-2 weeks whilst I finish up. I don't want to reveal too much, but hopefully the first few paragraphs should at least give you all an idea of the chapter's tone.


[Approximately 1016 years ago]
The constant thud and occasional metallic clinking of armoured hoofsteps filled the air as a contingent of soldiers marched towards the forest housing Hollow Shades.

At the forefront of the group stood Celestia, clad from horn to hoof in heavy steel armour. Though similar in appearance to the armour that those who followed her wore, Celestia's armour bore a distinct golden trim and was evidently custom made so as to account for her comparatively large frame. A sun motif that matched her cutie mark adorned both flanks of the armour, though both were scratched and heavily worn, as was the rest of her armour set. Although still in one piece and no doubt functional, the armour bore a great many dents and scratches, and the polish and shine that the plating had once gleamed with was now long gone, having faded over the course of countless skirmishes.

The sets of armour worn by the contingent of nearly fifty soldiers following her were in similar states, for the most part. Though there were a few exceptions, the majority of Celestia's elite had fought alongside her in numerous battles, following her from fight to fight without question despite possessing nowhere near the stamina or longevity that Celestia herself did. Given how often Celestia moved from one battlefield to another, little free time was wasted on luxuries such as polishing armour; repairing plating and sharpening blades was far more important. As was eating, and sleeping in short shifts, time permitting.

Celestia stopped, signalling for those following to do the same. Before her lay the entrance to the forest the group would have to pass through in order to reach Hollow Shades, some of which she could see over the tree line, owing to a few tall buildings towering over the canopy. She furrowed her brow at the sight, Reginald's recent actions still fresh in her mind as she attempted to collect her thoughts.

From behind her, a pony stepped forth and raised his visor, revealing an unkempt beard and a pair of steely eyes as he spoke, "Commander Celestia?"

Comments ( 3 )

Speaking just for myself, this is more than enough to tide me over for that 1-2 weeks, and I look forward to the new chapter when you have it done and ready to go live.

I have one l'l question, though: when are AJ, Dash and Rarity going to get their heads out of their asses and realize that Celestia's still lying to them (and that goes double for that idiot Shining Armor), and that they need to be with Twi, Flutters and Pinkie?

Discord being with them notwithstanding, of course.

I also wonder just when it'd going to sink into Celly's thick skull that Twilight truly hates her guts, and that there's nothing that she can do at this point to ever get her back?

Not that she deserves to.

Not after all that she's done, and those stupid wanted posters didn't help her case any.

For Rainbow and Applejack particularly, it will take longer. For Rarity, it's safe to say she's not at all happy with her current arrangement. Expect dissonance.

That said, running off to immediately reuinite with the other three might not be the first thing on their minds in a few chapters, given what's set to happen.

Shining links into this somewhat. Let's just say that Discord's actions haven't gone unnoticed by those outside of Equestria. Equestria's 'omnipotent weapon' has gone rogue, and the Elements can no longer be relied upon to avert disaster.

Not just Equestria and the Crystal Empire, but all the world's leaders have much to discuss in that regard. Things will become... heated.

there's nothing that she can do at this point to ever get her back

Alive. :trollestia:

In all seriousness though, Celestia will likely be forced to accept such in the near future, if she hasn't already. Especially following the event mentioned above.

If push comes to shove, Twilight may be coming home dead, or not at all. Those posters might influence that outcome significantly.

3393849 Okay. Dissonance expected.

Okay. All that works for me.

Although ... I'll admit that it would hurt to see that happen. Twilight's already suffered so much, all because of Celestia's conniving and machinations (Spike's horrible death) that to think that she might end up dead ... really, really hurts to think about.

But, what will be, will be. There is a "Tragedy" tag on this story, after all.

Suffice it to say, I trust what you're going to do, hun.

Although I get the feeling that her even having those wanted posters printed and put out there is going to come back to bite ol' Sunbutt in the butt in a major way later on.

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