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Short bio? Male, British, 24 years old, Psychology graduate. ATF isn't cancelled, but don't wait around for an update, it'll take a long time (even longer than it already has been, most likely).

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A variety of pony-based poetry I decided to write whilst taking a break from my main story.

From tragic, to happy, to funny, these poems will correspond with my mood as I write them, so expect the unexpected! The topics? Whatever I feel like! Events from the show, headcanons, other fanfiction, ponified things in general, anything!

Want to see something in particular? Post it below! If I really like the idea, or it gets a lot of upvotes, I'll use it!

Ponies? Yes. Random? Yes. Entertaining? Well, that's for you to decide. [Click 'More' for table of contents]

[Original cover art by PinkiePi314 on DeviantART]

Table of Contents:

Reformed: The events of 'Keep Calm and Flutter On' from Discord's perspective. [Slice of Life]

Ace in the Hole: Long after the events of 'A Canterlot Wedding', not everything is as it seems. [Dark] [AU]

Chapters (2)