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The Iron Horse: Timeline through Ch. 22 · 12:54pm Sep 9th, 2015

Recently, alert reader JFalk asked about the timeline/timeframe of events in the story so far. So, here's a brief little morning post to discuss it!

Keep in mind, if you are NOT caught up on the story, there will be spoilers about events. If you're caught up to the most recent chapter, "Rhinestone Eyes, Part 1," then you're safe.

Also, I'm happy to say that the next chapter has been written and is being edited and a new illustration for it is being drawn. You can probably expect it this Sunday. :twilightsmile:

On to the timeline!

Day -3: Turing discovered @ night, identified as automaton by Twilight
Day -2: Turing is examined and referenced, letter requesting help sent to Celestia
Day -1: Twi meets Vanderbull & Gadget, repairs begun
Day 1: repairs continue, Turing is activated that night
Day 2: Turing gets her name, Gadget and Vanderbull return to Manehatten
Day 3: Twilight teaches Turing to use magic
Day 4: Celestia visits, Turing befriends Rarity
Day 5: Turing races Rainbow Dash, loses
Day 6: 2nd race w/ Rainbow Dash, rescues Fancy Pants & Co.
Day 7: Returns next morning via train
Day 8: Applejack questions Turing, Gadget visits
Day 9: Gadget's date w/ Fine Print, Fine Print revealed as spy, Twilight makes amends with Turing
Day 10: Gadget returns to Manehatten, Pinkie throws Turing a party
Day 11: Pinkie tries to teach Turing humor, Turing meets Maud, Turing befriends Pinkie
Day 12: Maud leaves Ponyville; Grace and Glory accept the contract on Turing, spend next five days preparing
(five days pass)
Day 17: Glory scouts Ponyville, Grace and Glory brainwash Lyra and Rarity
Day 18: Nightmare Night, events at the Castle of Two Sisters
Day 19: Morning after, Grace and Glory apprehended
Day 20: Everypony tries to recuperate
Day 21: Twilight confronts Turing, Cutie Map calls all but Fluttershy away
Day 22: n/a
Day 23: Fluttershy mentions butterfly migration, Turing breaks/fixes ears, meets Discord

Total time for story: 26 days
Total time Turing Test has been operational: 23 days

Comments ( 7 )

Day 17: Glory scouts Ponyville, Grace and Glory brainwash Lyra and Bon Bon

Don't you mean Lyra and Rarity, my good fellow?

:pinkiegasp: CONSPIRACY!!
*grabs tinfoil hat

Hm, interesting; thanks.

3380043 Indeed I do! Guess it was force of habit. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for catching that!

3380988 Its no problem. Its my duty to catch mistakes as a avid reader of any story or blog. Oh and keep up the good work my good sir. :pinkiehappy:

Welp, looks like I'm pulling an all nighter in anticipation for the new chapter now Cx
At least it shall be worth it.

3388193 Hope you enjoy the next chapter then! It should be good to go tomorrow afternoon (US time)!

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