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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...

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The Album 2 -- Work At Last · 6:38pm Aug 29th, 2015

Quick blog, real quick. For those of you who know about The Album and/or The Album 2, this is for you. I've decided tonight is the night, at last.

I'm finally going to be going through the list and messaging all the people who have signed up and poking for entries. This means if you have signed up, I would appreciate a comment or a PM, so I can confirm you are still in this. I have to take care of some yardwork, but when I get back the messaging begins. But, if you've already contacted me, then I won't have to PM ya, heh.

If you do not know what this project is about, no problem! You can find all the info here, as well as sign up for characters if you're interested. At the moment, consider any character that doesn't have an actual story link to be open. While whoever is signed will have first come rights, I fully expect the majority of those to be gone, too busy, or no longer interested.

And help spread the word! The more interest, the easier it is to keep something like this alive. So, let's see this through.

ALSO. Any new season 5 characters who are not on the list are officially open for both the original and the second Album. I've not updated the list (possibly since actually finish season 4, so I may be even more behind than that), but all canon characters are acceptable.

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I wrote a Cloudchaser story that I *think* was for The Album 2. I'll dig it up and revise it for you.

It is indeed for A2, and I have the link still. Apparently it is awaiting publishing.

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