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Daily Discussion #1: How Do YOU Fight Procrastination? · 6:01am Aug 12th, 2015

First: Music of the Day:
She'd Rather Be With Me by The Turtles

Forget the Monkeys, The Turtles are where it's at for great psychedelic, baroque, and sunshine pop rock in the second half of the sixties. (The Monkeys aren't bad though.)

Discussion Topic of the Day:

How Do You Fight Procrastination?
Equestria LA is coming up, and for a solid month I procrastinated on doing two panel and a staff application write ups. Eventually while on vacation in Dream Valley, I told myself I wouldn't check the Ponyhoof Bulletin board until I had finished them, watching my sticky note notifications pile up on the bulletin board. It wasn't enough, and they went unwritten as the con got closer and closer and I kept putting it off, even though I knew it would only be an hour of work.

I got back Saturday Night. Sunday afternoon and evening my pegasister friend had a fairwell party because she is heading to Texas this Saturday. I told myself no going to the party until I had done them. I kept procrastinating, watching Clone High (weird but decent show. Crowne Prince gets a lot of her sound bites from it. "Say What" example). Despite my mom's constant badgering, I didn't finally finish them (which I posted last blog, btw, which is good because one of them didn't go through the first time! :twilightoops: ) until after her party was over. >_<

This is just one of many examples of how I suffer from ADHD. I aslo have been putting off prereading something for Chinchillax for months because it is a scary wall of text. :fluttershyouch: The medication I'm taking for a medical trile either hasn't fully kicked in yet, doesn't work for me, or is the placebo. We shall see.

So, tell me how you fight procrastination in the comments! Don't wait! :raritywink:

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Further Listening:

Dat Orchestration on some of the later stuff! :rainbowkiss:

I usually just ask someone to keep me on task. But, if I have to deal with projects online, well...

To say the absolute least, I'm screwed. DAMN YOU YOUTUBE! :twilightangry2:

Very detailed and well-thought-out plans with at least one backup strategy if the primary bit fails. That are always planned to start sometime later.

...I really wish that was a joke.

I usually just start cleaning something. And then after a few hours my entire apartment is clean, the dishes are done, and the kitchen sink is spotless.

Then I panic.

Then if I somehow manage to get out of the panic stage, I'll set up a timer, put on some meaningless background noise, and get to work.

Basically my apartment is clean... and that's about all I get done.

And you don't have to read anything if you don't want to. Especially 75K words of dark philosophy. I don't want to be a cause of stress in your life.

Author Interviewer

I dunno, I usually leave fighting procrastination until later. :B

3314093 you turn into your alter ego Bidoof Man, who fights procrastination and ignorance regarding the :B emoji.

3313814 oh, I'm great at planning.

. I'm horrible at carrying out said plans. :/

Yep. Maybe we should start a club. All of our events would be masterpieces of detailed planning.

3314467 Procrastinators unite!... Later.

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