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    As if moving out wasnt hard enough...

    Had pretty much all the garbage bagged up and just had a few things left to take, shelves, microwave, swords, small things you know?

    Welp sometime between new years eve and this morning we got broken into. Shelves smashed on the floor, drawers pulled out of the bathroom and garbage bags dragged throughout multiple rooms. Even a broken window.

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    Just a reminder

    I am going to do simple commissions. I need the distraction and the extra money coming in even if just a small amount is very helpful.

    Message me about commissions as soon as you want. I can start on wednesday. Tonight is viewing the body and tomorrow the burial so I will need the mental distraction.

    Make sure yall hug your loved ones

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    I will be doing simple commissions starting tomorrow. Finances are unstable currently and attempting to arrange a funeral gets expensive.

    However I'm not in financial stress or anything. I am more doing this to keep my mind distracted and my hands busy. As such I will not have any specific set price other than a minimum. Probably like five bucks or something

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Annnnnnd... I'm back · 5:45am Aug 3rd, 2015

Been gone for a while. I'd rather not cover the why issue since I already told one of ya but instead focus on how I kept distracted these last five days....


Yeah, yeah, it's a four day con but we left the day before so we could be there at the crack of dawn. We even exhausted our entire alcohol supply on that first night, trying to make a drinking game out of cards against humanity.

So my plan (a rather last minute plan) was to cosplay as Vinyl Scratch here. Planned to do a different vinyl scratch esque outfit all four days...

Unfortunately during some times of the month you just dont feel like doing stuff like that. Only ended up wearing two different cosplays and didnt even cosplay on sunday.

First day (thursday):

Second and third day (friday & saturday)

Not enough ponies to be found

17.3 hands. Her shortest part was still taller than me.

My friend took a few pictures of my with people too...


And now just some of the cosplays i thought to be really cool

What time is it?!

LOOT TIME! :pinkiehappy:

Corpsey puff has only left my side when I needed to shower

All three books were signed at no extra cost. Used to have a beat up copy of the blue book but it was another one i never got back after getting kicked out... Now I have a superior copy! The comic is from someone that worked on Samurai Jack. Last book has cat people, nuff said. The smaller print was discounted due to a coke stain and the bigger print was a gift from one of my friends

Can I just say that Tracy Hickman is an awesome person? We even went to his Killer Breakfast

All but four of those dice cost thirty cents each

Ask any questions you want about this weekend. Id expand more about this weekend but I need to go chug some nyquil. Storm storm haz trouble breathing, damn conplague. Plus do you realize how annoying it is to select which pictures to share and then upload them?

One mlre thing. The group that I was previosly an extrememly active member of and a mod of has been deleted by its creator. I'll be looking for a new group to become active in, feel free to throw out suggestions

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Comments ( 11 )

WELCOME BACK,EH!:pinkiehappy:


You were Vinyl!:pinkiecrazy:

Welcome back:pinkiehappy:

Also about the group *ahem* I present to you The Group Dedicated To The Group Dedicated To Doing Whatever We Want, Whenever We Want its where all the rats members scurried off to after the group went up in flames Vlad is in charge of the new one and his rule seems to be fair and just

3290670 excuse my french, but you lucky bastard. you got a book signed by Weis and Hickman?! you know how many times their stories have got me through tough times?! and you got my favorite story signed by them?! *fan rages on while teapot sound in background rises* I am so green with envy, i'm about to steal christmas.

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good time. :twilightsmile:

Indeed. Was in a group of four people and even ran into one of my uncles at the con

I actually bought the book directly from Weis!! :pinkiehappy: EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Give me a minute

Yes ma'am

3291396 you....*can't think of a suitable insult to address this heresy*

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