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Chapter Completed! · 6:12am Jul 28th, 2012

Okay folks, the chapter is done thanks to the magic that is sleep-deprivation-induced creativity! Seriously, I somehow do all my best writing at 1:00 in the morning. Weird, huh? Anywho, it's off to the proofreaders so any further delays are no longer my fault! The next chapter will likely be up tomorrow (well, later today. Let's just say Saturday) or Sunday. At the absolute latest, it'll be up Monday night; that's when I'll say "screw you" to any proofreader who hasn't yet gotten back to me and post without his approval. To date, I've never had to do this, so in all likelihood it'll be up before the weekend's out.

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Comments ( 11 )

Dibs on being said late proofreader's replacement!

Edit: Hah! Suck on that First Whorses of Fimfiction! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the offer, but reverting to a replacement proofreader instead of just ignoring the tardy one would actually delay the final post of the chapter. And nobody wants that.

Yay! :yay: Woohoo, you rock!

Sympathize with you bro. I only actually feel like writing very rarely, and if I have just the slightest distraction, or if I don't write then, all motivation is gone and I have to wait like another week.

I meant taking his/her job for the next chapter, not the one currently under review. :rainbowwild::trollestia:

You mean to tell me that its unusual to write essays at 1 am at night ? I thought that was only way to write. :twilightsmile:

EXACTLY! I thought I was the only one with that problem. Late at night is the only time I can concentrate.

Ooooh. Maybe :pinkiehappy:

Not the only way, just the best way.

Oi, don't call it a "problem." You're one of Luna's favored souls, feeling her blessing as the moon crests its zenith. TBH there are rather a lot of us like that. :twilightsmile:

Indeed. My productivity is shit unless the clock behind me reads something between 2 and 5 AM... speaking of, it says 5:03. It better get to sl[ 'B[N

Did you do some editing on the previous chapters as well? They're all saying they were produced the the 28th right now.

Just some routine typo fixes, yeah.

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