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Today's Big News · 3:19am Jun 27th, 2015

So in a far less televised and spoken of bit of happenings,

I completed my Initial Flight Training and passed. Now that I am heading home I should be finishing the next chapter and heading home.

If anyone is wonder what the training was like just watch Wonderbolt Academy again, cause it was like that.

For anyone wondering: Taking off and Flying is easy, landing... well either you do it or you have a very long time to decide were to crash.

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Uhm.. Gratulation!

Well landing... I only know that from WarThunder.... and there I don't like to land my Birds. (is it just me or is it really that only the Germans have good landing gear?)

I allow you 2days rest but then you have to start working again.

*leaves a nice little steak*

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