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Slice of Life · 8:28pm Jun 13th, 2015

That... was a lot of fanservice. Fortunately, it wasn't the sort that you find in your typical anime, ifyaknowhatimean.

I'll keep this simple, since there's probably plenty of other reaction posts cluttering up your feed.

1. I liked The Dude's cutie mark. It really tied the episode together.

2. I find myself wondering if the folks at DHX came up with the idea of Cranky and Steven's bromance because they thought it was something the fandom hadn't come up with yet.

3. Those were some suspiciously generic names in the credits there. "Muffins," "Doctor," and "Lebowski Pony."

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Comments ( 7 )

1. I think Gummy's internal monologue really tied the story together.

2. "Oh, it's so true!"

3. Muffins is her actual canon name, unfortunately. Ever since they retconned that one episode where AJ works for Cherry Jubilee. It started with the little toy catalog things, I think, Derpy's Muffin's miniature's name was listed as just a picture of a muffin.

1. Pardon?

2. I thought it was just because they had the same hair.

3. Isn't she still Derpy? They called her that even in the iTunes edit of The Last Roundup, unless I misremember it. Also, they actually put in "Lebowski pony"?

1. I see what you did there.

2. I really like the Cranky-Steve friendship. And, yea, I don't think I've seen it in the fandom before, so good job Hasbro for beating us to the punch.

3. She'll always be Derpy in my heart, and just calling Doctor "Doctor" makes sense given the context.

My thoughts on the Episode?


I'm just irked at the missed pun potential. He's listed in the credits as "Lebowski pony". Should have been "Lebowlski"

3146185 You know how the bowler ponies are based on the leads from The Big Lebowski? The one modeled on Jeff Bridges has a rug for a cutie mark, presumably based on the same rug that "really tied the room together" in the movie.

And no, Derpy was not mentioned by name in the iTunes edit. It was just "Now, careful," rather than "Now, careful Derpy!"

3146861 I've always preferred "Letrotski" myself.

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