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Update · 1:04am May 20th, 2015

Hey All, So I haven't updated in awhile, and it might not happen again until late June at the earliest.

Here's Why:
1) Graduation and New profession. I just graduated college, just move, and am about to go through some very intense training for the next year or so. I will still be working on the stories but study comes first.

2) Moving. Yeah so I moved as a part of the new profession, it is more than a just a job afterall, and am still getting settled, getting my computer up and running right, having some internet problems lately.

3) Long Chapters. So the next chapter will be the end of the Ponyville bit and second or third from the end of this first long story arc. As a result it is going to be, for me, a very long chapter.

So for those of you who are waiting this is why the wait is what the wait is. I am working and wanted to know I haven't forgotten. Have a good summer.


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Comments ( 3 )

At the very least. It's good to hear its still alive.

...but I already made this nice tombstone! Not to mention the beer and steaks I have here for the party....
Great, now I have to drink all that beer, eat all the stakes and on top off all this bad stuff I'm looking forward to more.

As punishment I demand you take half of the beer and steaks!:trollestia:

Have fun.

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