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Looking for feedback · 5:58pm Apr 13th, 2015

So all the while I've been writing Dragon King I've had a few ideas where to go with the story. I appreciate all the fav's but still I'd really like some feedback. I can't get better if I hear nothing. Do you like it? Hate it? Why? What do you think will happen? What would you like to happen?

Report Sipioc · 318 views · Story: The Dragon King's Rebirth ·
Comments ( 8 )

One thing i've learned about this website is that the readers have a very japanese approach to storeys. Silence is a good thing it means that they are enjoying the story and have no real problems with it (it also means that the grammar nazis haven't found you yet) and that they trust you to keep up the good work. If you start to let the quality of the story go down you will have more critics and comments if it goes up the same will happen but you will have significantly more comments praising it as well. So over all don't lose hope because you don't have a lot of comments it just means that they are trying to think of what to say

2980318 an interesting perspective I hadn't thought of that. Alright, thanks for the input and support.

I like your story. Flint is a very interesting character, as in despite height years as a pony he still has not adjusted to it. event if he his frustrated of situation, he doesn't completely hate the pony around him as much as his refuse to admit it to him-self, and that his pride is not completely self-centered. I like the idea that Flutershy mite have a more coming effect for him. I'm looking forward to your next chapter:pinkiehappy:

I really like the story, but one thing I am curious about is whether Flint is correct about his state being a punishment from the Princesses or if they are in fact unaware that one of their greatest foes is in the form of one of their little ponies.

The story appears to be leaning towards the latter with their (apparent) lack of interraction with or oversight over him, but that does raise the very interesting questions of how & why he came to be living this life, & what he can make of it with his 'unique' mindset.

I would have kept saying stuff about each chapter, haven't gotten the chance to finish "Welcome to Ponyville!" Yet however, apologies.

2981820 no worries, I appreciate the correspondence.

2981474 oh how I like how you picked up on that. It makes me excited to continue writing. You are quite correct that was left semi ambiguous but his paranoia keeps you uncertain.

2980802 :rainbowkiss: thanks for your impressions, makes me glad I'm writing this. With his character I found it hard to balance his acceptance of his current life and his old one. In a way, I took inspiration from Vegeta; he still carries himself as a prince, not letting go of that title but doesn't expect to be treated like one because he knows that nobody will. Yet I don't want him to be a dick and go around saying I'm a dragon. He had to make piece with his situation and through living with Sparks and Cozy he has learned compassion and a sense of fairness, but of you notice, he never directly addresses them as "Mom and Dad." He won't, because they are his current body's forebears not his mental ones and he hangs on to that, despite his feeling towards them. Does he love them......maybe, but he doesn't know that

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