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Forcing Nihilos to do things he doesn't want to do. · 2:01am Jul 1st, 2012

Alright so I'm writing the next chapter of Rorschach in Equestria right now and I'll check this later but I need something to kick myself out of this rut of inferiority complex I have and I'm curious as to what my readers would like to see me do next. I have plenty of projects I have in mind but I want to see what people expect to see me do from here or what they would like to see me do.

So give me ideas, tell me what you'd like me to write. Could literally be anything (except TrixiexRorschach dammit, that project is on hold indefinitely) so give me ideas. I'll go with one or a few ideas that catch my interest or things I don't think I could possibly do right.

So comment below, whaddya want to see!? Second-person fic? Romance? Horror? Self Insert, other person insert (you want to be a character in a story, pitch the idea!)? Drama? Random?

So tell me what to do!

With horrible best wishes,
'Out-of-Nothing', Ex Nihilos

PS.: Yes this is a side thing and shouldn't have any effect on updating RiE, which also means don't expect it to be done quickly.

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Well, if you want some random suggestion besides that 'Wolf of a Rarity' thing you've started in on (which you should do, because it sounds good), maybe work on the Bards one. Both of those could be interesting, and are different from RiE. From my own head, I'd say maybe go for something that could be an episode of the show. I don't have any ideas for plot (or I'd do it myself...), but any of these three could be fun.

hmmmmmm:duck:i dont know ether hmm i useally have a suggestion but not this time :twilightsheepish: ill let you know if i think of anything. well no shipping would be cool....but its your story and such:fluttershysad:

I've been watching alot of The Venture Bros. lately, and so, naturally, I'm wondering what a Venture Bros. crossover could be like if done correctly. Like, it might not even work at all either way. But I'm just genuinely curious. It's a long shot, and you might not even watch the show, but it's just an idea that I'd like to see play out.

Or maybe something to do with Space Ghost. I've been on an Adult Swim binge lately.

How about a non-human-in-Equestria story? (Animal, alien, fantasy race ... whatever floats your boat.)

Pones getting high

An entry into the AAG sidestories compilation . . . Failing that, a story about a griffin whose surname doesn't sound like it came from Skyrim, and who isn't a generic warrior race guy.

Uh... Captain Equestria and the Equestrianateers? :twilightblush:
Hang on, give me some time to think...

Gundam ponies... An in-character batman in equestria...
Ponies at the beach when suddenly Nightmare, Discord, and Chrysalis...
Why is it I come up with better ideas when I don't need them...

Ok, how about a story where several people die, none of them related in any manner, and reappear in Equestria, as ponies, while they await to be given trial? And each of these ponies are the, metaphorically speaking, physical embodiment of the 7 deadly sins? One of them could even be a dashing, handsome, and very awesome pony, who just happens to quite prideful, but for good reason; he deserves to be prideful, because he is godlike.

Comedy. Timberwolf x Diamond Dog shipping. CMC inter-species-cross-breeders YAY!

Lord Loss in Equestria, maybe?

Existentialist Twilight! Ex nihilo, ad nihilo?

How about this. Write the biggest clusterfuck of a crossover chapter you can think of.

Hmm I've had several ideas in my mind for awhile now, but being a greedy bastard I'm hesitant to share... despite the fact I rarely find the time/patience to actually sit and WRITE DOWN my own ideas for fiction, so doing so is also greedy AND stupid/pointless.
...I guess I'll share the general idea about ONE of them...

...A self-proclaimed genius and king (though far from being good at both those traits), a massive Diamond Dog, rallies his pack and tries to use his army of minions to raid Equestria for gems and try to enslave ponies for mine labour and make the land fear him. Initially threatening, his horrible plans/strategies end up him getting thwarted by the mane six repeatedly, making him more of a big dumb nuisance that few take seriously, but he never gives up, taking on a weekly villain filler between times when REAL villains show up. This ideas is somewhat inspired by the classic Donkey Kong Country SNES games, taking notes from the Kongs vs Kremlings conflict. Mostly intended to be treated as an Adventure/Comedy story over a grimdark one, due to the nature of the villain and how the ponies will deal with his thugs.

...So yeah that's one of them. Kind of a mess off an idea more focused on villainous shenanigans rather than the actual heroes, but perhaps you can gleam something useful from this.

My best idea is to have one of Rorschachs' "Friends" pursue him. FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION. (the other Watchmen) :derpytongue2:

You mentioned how you and me ought to look at a collab (and for the record I am still on board once I get my story ideas out of my head)...I'd like to see a short story on your take on Peppermill.


Spike, Snips, and Snails find some of AppleJack's cider and they go on a drunken spree of antics and shenanigans.:moustache::ajsmug:

206491 That's an awful idea and you should feel awful for coming up with it.

Deadpool in Equestria.

captain america vs ponies

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