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I haven't written anything in a long time and I don't know when I'm going to start, so don't get your hopes up for new chapters. Sorry.

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Knightmares Cancellation · 7:59am Oct 6th, 2014

When I first wrote Knightmares, I didn't really plot out where it was going. Mostly it became a series of events that just kept escalating, but I couldn't really go anywhere with it. I've also seen a lot more of the gallery that Skipper and Midnight came from, and part of why I can't keep going with it is how different the two worlds are. Because of that, I've decided to cancel it, though I'll leave it up as a record of what came before.

Even so, though, I don't want to let the characters go to waste. There's a few pictures around the gallery of the foalhoods of Skipper and Midnight. I think that a lot can still be done with them. "Always write the most interesting part of your characters' lives," is a piece of advice I heard once, and I reckon there's a part of their lives that's more interesting than what happened in Knightmares.

Expect the replacement to pop up within the week. Oh, and I might write something for Oneshotober as well, though it'll probably involve Mane 6 rather than borrowed OCs.

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Comments ( 4 )

Damn, but if that's how you wish to roll with it, then that's what shall be so. Rather enjoyed the odd uniqueness of the plot and the character backgrounds

y u do dis

2510937 That's why I left the original up: in case anyone wanted to see the slightly insane original version. Though, if insanity is what you liked about it, it wasn't quite what I was going for in the first place... Hopefully you'll find something to like about the new one, though.


Plot-wise it was insanity, but that sheer audacity is one of the reasons I enjoyed it. Good luck with the next piece!

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