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Hi there! I decided to change my bio to a sexy inspirational quote! Everyone wants happiness, no one want pain, but u can't have a rainbow without a little rain :') follow & get hugs+cookies! *huggle*

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    BanditTheDog HUGGED ME.

    LIKE WHAT?!?! AM I IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?! A UNIVERSE IN WHICH BANDIT SHOWS HIS FEELINGS?!?! I was so touched:raritydespair: but then again it would have meant more if he did it without me asking him to...:applejackunsure:

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    Sorry everyone.

    Sorry that I've been so inactive lately everyone.

    My dog passed away. I won't go into detail as it will take too long, but yeah, that's kinda why I haven't been on for such a long time. Thanks for always being there for me though, you're all such loving and supporting people :)

    So, how is everyone? What have you all been up to?

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    Really sad :(

    My 12-year old dog has been unwell for a while now, she's really quite and depressed, and isn't behaving normally. My mum took her to the vet today, which I only found out when I came home from school. I thought we would be picking her up later on, and I asked when, and she said she may or may not survive or may be put down, which I didn't even know! so idk if she's coming back later now or not,

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    Meow. Thats me being a cat. a copycat.

    so gimmie a number!

    and also tell me how you're doing, its been a while!

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Yay! Finally! · 10:35pm Aug 8th, 2014

After a while of waiting, finally my 1st story got accepted! Yaaaay! It has got a few mistakes , and my 2 chapter r very short, I don't really know what else to write to make them much longer though!! Any tips? Thank to all the people who have read! But don't feel pressured to read it, it's not that good! XD thanks guys!!

Oh yeah, and I'm also working on another story about rainbow dash..... Beeeecoming a transgender... Yeah, I'm weird!

Report Bobette · 178 views · Story: That portal in the park ·
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hey i got a question, how do you get your stories accepted? and also congrats and keep up the good work :raritywink::pinkiehappy:

2354444 thanks! Well, after I submitted it, this person called meester had it make sure it was acceptable to be on FIMfiction , didnt that happen to any of your stories?

2354452 honestly no, i submited a chapter and then try with the hold story, said it need to be accepted, some told me had to wait for it to be accepted, but i didn't understand them completely


I'll read your story, I'm sure it's great.:twilightsmile:

congrats on your story! :pinkiehappy: I also have the same problem like Jeff, but don't know what to do

2354501 2354444 You make sure your story passes all qualifications (especially over 1,000 words) and click on the submit button by the cover art. It'll give you a scroll down list of all the rules and qualifications. At the bottom of the list, it'll say something like "Submit Story". Click that, and if your story passes the word limit, it'll be sent to the moderators. They will then read it over to make sure it passes all other qualifications and when/if they approve it they will send you a PM. Don't know what happens if it's rejected.

2354735 well I did all of that, but says it got to be accepted

2354735 huh well i did all of that, but still it didn't accepted nor did i get a pm saying no or yes

2354741 2354745 Then wait. Or maybe they don't send rejection PM's.

2354796 well all I did is wait, but if ya say so, I guess i'll wait a bit longer

2354802 How long ago did you submit it?

2354818 since July honestly, had a story save in my computer of mlp and decided to put it here, I follow the instruction, pass the 1,000 word mark, submitted chapter, then went for the story and then said that I need to be approve, looking around and ask around the site to find out how, did but nothing work

2354831 2354833 Did you click two different "Submit" buttons? Clicking the first takes you to where the second one is.

2354835 i click the one for the chapter, then the one for the whole story

2354845 2354848 No. You click "Publish" for the chapters you want to be visible and to be able to have them contribute to the word count. Then you click submit in the description page. It will give you a brownish scroll down list of rules and requirements. At the bottom, it will say "Submit Story". Click that as well. You should click "Publish" for each finished chapter and two different "Submit" buttons.

2354853 ok well, that's what I did, but said Permissions required for this action were not met (action: submitting story)

2354862 2354865 Did you fill out every single one of the requirements? I know there's a full list somewhere here.

2354874 yeah and I double check, I could check it again and see

2354874 yeah, but i can check them again and see if i miss anything

2354882 2354887 Okay. If that doesn't work, I'm really sorry. Maybe contact a moderator or something?

2354897 alright, thanks anyway, appreciate it

2354922 if not, I could always post it on fanfiction, if I can't here

2354958 well I don't know how I did it, but now I got to wait for approval

2355168 So now we play the waiting game. Whoop dee doo.:facehoof:

2355182 Do you think you could tell me if it gets approved?

2355240 no problem and thanks for the help :twilightsmile:

2355248 No problem. I'm glad I could help.

2354461 aw thanks! Though it has lots of mistakes

Something that helped me was when I did wrote a short verson of the chapter, just wrote what I wanted to happened, so I had something to rely on. Hope it helps :yay:

2355838 thanks for the advice! :twilightsmile:


No one's writing is perfect.:pinkiehappy:

2356484 I bet yours it good!

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