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Hi there! I decided to change my bio to a sexy inspirational quote! Everyone wants happiness, no one want pain, but u can't have a rainbow without a little rain :') follow & get hugs+cookies! *huggle*

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One morning a pumpkin-loving mare loses her favourite pumpkin! And she looked for it! And...that's it. Oh, but, BUT, will she find it? I know the answer, but you don't! So read this story! Pwease . Are you about to read it? If you are thanks. K bye. Enjoy. Thumbs up. Favourite. Comment. For me? :•D

Cover art- I know what your thinking. Gee, thats some crappy cover art.... well, coz i made it! On pony creator...Yep... it doesn't really look like pipper (the main character) but oh well! At least i made an effort right? Its not that bad, right? Right?!?!

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After Big Mac makes a delicious snadwich, applebloom is forcing him to make more and more! She eventually has so many she becomes obese. Twilight comes to help and if she doesn't stop eating, some part of her body may EXPODE!! Can they stop Fatty-bloom in time?
Oh and I found the perfect cover art but it wasnt allowed since is was NSFW, though I don't see how.. It was just Applebloom eating a sandwich, and she was fat...? Oh well. Sooooo this one will have to do.

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Rainbow dash has always felt like a stallion, she was the tomboy of all her friends, she had little crushed on mares... Then one day she discovers a stallion willing to give her a sex change, and she goes for it. Read about her new manly life, and.. She also meets another sex-change pony...

I've uncancelled, yaaay!!! Thanks to thegamerator10!

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Walking through the park, a girl and her dogs find a portal to equestria, yet once she enters, how will she leave? She decides to get help from 6 special ponies... Set a little while after EG movie

Hi there! If up youre reading this... Thanks! This is my first story, so sorry if its crappy , or just like loads others, about a portal to equestria! Please tell me what you liked/disliked!
BROHOOF for reading my story !! Thanks !!! :D

*note to future self* turns out my other two stories are even worse! :D yep, it was tricky, but I DID IT!!
Editing: by Timmyrill , my awesome editor, who probably wrote most of this!

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