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    Thanks to everyone who's helped The Possibilities of Potions get to 1000 likes! I honestly never expected it to get even 200. Thanks again, and happy reading out there!

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1000! · 7:04am Jul 30th, 2014

Thanks to everyone who's helped The Possibilities of Potions get to 1000 likes! I honestly never expected it to get even 200. Thanks again, and happy reading out there!

Also, just curious, does anyone know any pairings that are relatively unexplored? I like taking closer looks at the ones that need more love (like the Cakes!) or have a surprisingly few number of fics for how popular they are (Cheerimac). Any suggestions?

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The delicate love balance of Steven Magnate and Sombra.

But in all seriousness, I think that Berry Punch and Pinkie Pie could make a great pairing if done right.

*Looks at stories* Thought process: Oh, all clopfics, maybe this isn't the best place...ah screw it, I'm probably not going to write it and he's taking suggestions.

Granny Smith and Randolph, Diamond Tiara's butler in Twilight Time who did the acrobatics. Note that a clopfic is probably not the best idea. (Seriously, nobody wants to read about two old ponies getting it on.)

Unexplored pairings, I'll have to go with Nurse Redheart X Berry Punch. Only one exists, and even with all my pestering on Skype, the author won't update more often. :fluttercry:

As for popular ones with few stories, I'd probably have to go with Fancy Pants X Fleur. They're one of those couples that is just sort of accepted, but nobody really writes about them.

Also, congrats on the 1000 likes, I loved the story

Hmm... Rarity and Sapphire Shores might be interesting.

Mom and Dad Sparkle.

You may have noticed I have a special affinity for them. XD

But seriously, they don't even have proper character tags! And most of the stories about them are about Shining Armor banging his mom because his dad's dick is too small or something stupid like that. I'm starved for some happy sweet married sex over here.

Speaking of which, Shining Armor and Cadence is weirdly rare as well and needs more love. It feels like most Shining Armor shipfics are either incestual (whether his mother or sister) or with other stallions.

Also you mentioned the Cakes already.

So yeah, happy tender married sex! Do that!

Well, anything involving Zecora would be nice. Sure, there are quite a few clopfics involving her, but I would like to see more of her and Big Mac...if not that, Big Mac and Cheerilee.

FlutterPie! There needs to be moar.

Thanks for the responses!
Presumably Steve gets him some truly fabulous crystals for H&HD.
Yeah, I think I'll let someone else deal with Granny's sex life :raritydespair:
There was a really good one with FP and Fleur. "Diary of a Gold-digger" or something, where she tries to bilk him for cash and ends up falling in love with him. Anyone remember the name?
I suppose, though I have a feeling that relationship would mostly be Rarity constantly pestering her for an autograph, lol
I like Zecora, and I think there could definitely be some interesting stuff with her and any number of people (specially Mac), but I am pretty scared of trying to write 10k words of verse. :rainbowderp:
This, though, holy cow. How do the Sparkle parents not have their own tags? The site even has a tag for the rather-misnamed Noteworthy! And you're right, I think I've only seen like three major fics deal with these two that weren't a giant Sparklecest thing. I'll give them a shot.

That story is called The Diary of an Evil Pony, and it was very good. However, it was more of a character development piece for his version of Fleur, rather than an actual romantic piece. It focused purely on her slowly learning how to actually have real feelings and how she learns to think for others. I do think it's very good, but my personal preference is towards fluffy snuggly romances, not towards in depth character studies :derpytongue2:

It's definitely very good and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, but it's just not my personal preference. And in this case, despite how boring it may seem, I want a sappy cuddly thing for them. Or at least a legitimate romance between the two characters.

It's probably because they're background ponies who've never had any speaking roles, and unlike characters like Vinyl or Octavia, they haven't had explosive fandom support and elaborate fan-personalities crafted for them.

Maybe if they get lines in s5 they'll get tags. I hope so anyway.

I'm with 2328815 on more vanilla clop of Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Seriously, the pairing gets little love in the clop stories and them. I plan on writing a clopfic one-shot of the pairing soon and hopefully we'll see a nice, sweet, somewhat steamy consensual clop of the two ponies sometime in the near future. :rainbowkiss:

BTW, I really enjoyed The Honeymoon Sweet and I hope to see more.


This. This so much. There's not a lot of VelvetLight clop out there that isn't adulterous incest. Hell, I plan on writing an incest role-play kind of clopfic of the pairing. Something unique and hasn't been done as much. Hopefully there will be more clopfics of the two soon. Seriously, the pairing is severely underrated in clopfics and what not.

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