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Procrastinating · 3:12am Jul 10th, 2014

I just wrote a story titled Procrastination, which is about Spitfire procrastinating to show that I am procrastinating because I am procrastinating.

...I don't know.

The sad thing is that it's only a thousand words, yet it took me roughly three hours to get it done. *sigh* Truth be told, I just feel like I lost almost all my motivation to write. Part of it is writer's block (I'm looking at you, Fluttershy; you've been making your chapter of Empty Skies and Colorless Souls way too difficult for me), and part of it is simply that I realistically do not have the time nor motivation to spend x hours of my day for how many days writing my myriad of ideas out (which I am honestly still interested in). (Oh, and part of it is my returning to Fallout: New Vegas for another playthrough, since I apparently didn't sell my soul to it enough the first time around.) On top of simply being a lazy bum, I am a slow writer, since I like to take my time to ensure that my stories are at least satisfactory to me—after all, if I do not like my own story, then how could I expect anybody else to like it?—but that means that updates from me really are quite slow. In any case, I do apologize to anybody that for some reason likes the drivel I write.

Anyways, true to this blog's and my new story's name, I'm going to go start (in an hour or two) my sociology essay that is due tomorrow. Oh, joy!

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You sir have a pretty serious case of the writer's block. The trick to procrastination is this: It's. Not. Freaking. Worth it. If you get it done now, you won't have to do it later when you really want to do something else (Watch anime, play video games, etc.), it helps to do something when you're fairly bored or don't want to do much, because your mind isn't set on other things. I hope this advice helps, but only you can overcome your writer's block. :heart:

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