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My god that 100th episode · 6:04pm Jun 13th, 2015

Just watched it... Oh, boy...

I know I'm not the only person who thought this would be the make-it-or-break-it episode, as in a long-time fan would either love it (because of the pandering) or hate it (because of the pandering). I was actually dreading to watch this episode up until its release because of how it could have potentially ruined so many people's headcanons, mine included.

So... what did I think of the extremely hyped 100th episode?

I absolutely loved it.

I'll admit that sometimes I feel the show can be somewhat lackluster in some of its episodes or be a bit of a chore to watch or something—I'm honestly a brony thanks to the incredible fandom more so than the actual show—but this was truly the first time in a long time that I had such a fangasm for anything on the show. And it didn't even ruin any of the headcanons I cared about! The comedy, the chaos, the cameos, the voices, the pandering, the utter lack of fucks given for the Mane Six fighting the bug-bear, and that last take-home message... Damn near everything about it left me grinning and fangirling (on the inside... mostly)!

Was it a perfect episode? No, it wasn't—nothing is, really. I mean, I guess the writers could have, for example, added even more tributes to fanon while leaving some out (*coughTwicanecough*), and maybe it was a bit too chaotic, rushed, or nonsensical in some places. However, this blog post is not meant to be a review, nor am I the type to thoroughly analyze an episode, pointing out every single flaw and minor detail.

All I really care about is whether I enjoyed the episode, and my god did I enjoy the heck out of it. From start to finish, I was just left in sheer awe of it all. This is definitely my favorite episode of Season 5 thus far, perhaps even one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. Will there be anything like this again in the future? Maybe. Can't say for sure at this point obviously, but if there is, let's hope that it'll be as awesome as this 100th episode was.

(This was adorable)
(I don't even ship LyraBon)

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it was the worst piece of shit I had ever seen. fucking fan pandering

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