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Paradise update delayed briefly (actually, my computer just died again) · 10:57pm Jun 6th, 2014

Update: It's dead again.

I know it's Adobe Flash killing my computer. It does something to the display drivers or whatnot that make my screen look like it has computer chicken pox. I got it uninstalled, so I can actually start the computer, and I'm doing my best to find a solution.

Gonna be searching that at some computer help sites.

Well, I did say "baring disaster." Had a minor one, but one nonetheless.

Computer crashed. Took two days to repair. So, I had to put off revising it. No work was lost, but it still meant I lost a nights sleep.

If my computer had been irreparable, that is as close to worst case scenario as it gets. I don't have money to replace my writing device, and it's getting on four years old now. I was fairly terrified.

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I used a computer for years that had PSU issues and would only turn on sometimes. Every time I had to reboot it was a game of will you or won't you come back to me?

Solution to everything: reinstall windows.

I know how much a shoddy computer can wreck your productivity. a few years ago My old laptop was crashing every other week before I gave up and got a business grade laptop to replace it. I've been rock solid ever since. - and the peace of mind is fantastic.

You should back up your files. If you can't get a hard drive to do so you should put all your uber important can't loose files on something like dropbox in case your computer really does take a dumpster dive.

In case something does go wrong and you need it, I may be able to send a part or two or provide some support - laptop or desktop.- When people give you their old electronics you end up with a little bit of everything. Just send me a pm if you need

Thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it. My family's go to IT guy (electric engineer) says it might be a hardware problem. Which would be very bad if I understand things. My laptop is getting on in years, and it seems like these fixes are buying me some time, but it might be borrowed time. Today, it functioned for almost the whole day before nose diving again. Problem is showing up in safe mode now, if I load the wrong flash file. This last thing I did, a program to clean the drivers and reinstall them ... well, let's hope that was the issue and it's fixed now

I built a nice new PC with an i7 quad 3.5 GHz processor and a ton of RAM and ALL the hard drives. I got a used 950 Watt PSU for $50... and I want nothing more than to replace it...

I can run my computer for MONTHS of up time, but if power goes out, or i shut it down, the power supply will drop out before the mobo even POSTs! I have to unplug it, try to start, to drain all power in the computer, then hold the power button and let it cycle till it takes... and then I get MONTHS of up time again.

WEEEEIIIRRRD... :twilightoops:

Of all the parts, one should never skimp on the PSU.

I've built my own rig and just a few weeks ago built my brother one. If you want, I can help you find a good deal on a laptop or the best parts for a proper desktop.

Well, that output really only points to it being something messing up the graphics card or giving it a bad command. Given that as you say Flash seems to be involved, I would suggest disabling Hardware Acceleration in Flash if you continue having issues.

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