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I Made A Boo-Boo · 4:56am May 18th, 2014

I deleted all of my blog posts. I very nearly deleted my stories. I severed all of my ties with people in IRC, Skype and beyond. I changed my username to Ergo123. Why did I do all of this?


You said it, Twilight.

I'm going to put a few things straight and put a bit more closure(?) on things. The first, I don't hate any of you. I really, truly don't. Whenever I tell people that I don't like them or when I say the fandom sucks, I either didn't mean it or it was early on when I fimficced and said silly things. I like most of you guys quite a bit, and I made some pretty great friends. Just recently I actually rejoined a Skype chat with MLP fans because they were so fly (Seattle's Angels). If you want to talk to me, find me at Yipyapper42 on Skype and I will gladly talk to you at any length you want.

Why did I leave, then? Well, at the time, I just wanted a break from everything. I wanted to move on from pony, fanfiction didn't interest me, etc etc. But I also added the fear of future employers finding me on this site. That was stupid. Really stupid. Am I ashamed that I did fanfiction? It might be a little embarrassing, but if someone denied me a job because of that, I'd punch them in the face (not really). I made a boo-boo, so I'm fixing it here by saying a few things.

You guys are great. I'm switching my name to Yipyapper again. I might pop into some chats from time to time. I'm probably going to get back into watching the show again. If there's anything else I should do, post here and I'll look at it.

No, I'm serious. I do like you guys a lot. Fanfiction was definitely something that benefitted me, and while I've moved on to greener, brighter pastures, I am really glad I did this.

When I say this in past tense, I don't mean it. I might be back soon. I mean, if I do stuff right now, it'll be in very limited supply, but this isn't me saying no to doing stuff regularly on the site again--stay tuned if you really are interested.

Thanks again. I really appreciate you guys.


P.S. I haven't been a Royal Guard since I left, so please don't pester me about that.

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Hey, I'll always be here to talk to! Glad you didn't take off!

Yeah, I was scared for a while back when I was a closet brony to my brony friends that one of them would find me on here. Then I realized that I'm a fairly good writer, and that the stuff I wrote on here is just further proof that I can write. Feeling shame over something you create is shameful, even though you're creating shame. Sorry if this is fucked, it's two in the morning. Glad to see you back again.

One of the things that I believe is to not be ashamed of what you did, even if it didn't benefit you in a way you liked. Hell, even if it hurt you, you shouldn't be ashamed of what you did. As I see it, everything you do is what defines you as a person. I could look at your failures in the past and scorn you for it, but I will look at your achievements and praise you for how far you have come.

Basically, I am glad you are back. I think that I am going to take your place in TRG, bucko.

Welcome back, man.

We all missed you.

You want back into the Twilight's Library chat? Just ask.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I wish you luck if you do end up heading off here, but please don't delete your stories, I'm very fond of a lot of them and losing them would be a pity. Not to mention the comments:twilightsmile:

Still, kudos for being willing to figure out what will make you happiest

Glad to see you're back. And don't worry, sad as I was by your (assumed) departure, even at that time you handled it better than some people do.

I can understand shifting interests, and wanting to move on to other things. That's only natural. But some people - I won't name any names - make such a Super Serious Dramatic Event™ out of it... slashing and burning everything in their wake, practically forcing themselves to break with pony (as opposed to drifting from it naturally), and, all too often, being rude to their followers and generally adopting a bad attitude.

It shouldn't take that much effort to move on from something.

If I recall your blog posts correctly, you handled it with much more grace than many I've seen. At least you explained what was going on (or most of it).

But like I said, I'm glad you're feeling better about it all. The more the merrier, I always say.

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