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Chains Tales · 9:42pm May 6th, 2014

I may end up regretting this, but here we go.

just about all the ideas I have left for Chains Tales right now can't be made until we get later into the main story. And I had an idea, I could ask my wonderful fans for ideas, just throw ideas at me and we'll see what sticks. All I ask is that they at least involve the Chains Universe in some fashion, and that you keep the rating of Chains Tales in mind.

I will of course credit those who give me the ideas.

Alternatively, and this would be asking a lot more of you all, but I could also post short stories that you write involving Chains if you feel it worth the effort. I would happily post them and of course credit you in the chapter title.

I will say that these would all be non-canon to the story itself of course, but the point of Chains Tales was for pure fun with the Chains Universe rather than just being side stories set apart from the main one. Its a nice little escape with which to go crazy with the idea.

So if any of you feel like contributing a short story or an idea, just send me a pm or put the idea in this here blog.

And Acidic Din, if you're reading this. No, improving my grammar is not a valid suggestion in this context.

Report BookyBrony · 350 views · Story: Chains ·
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Comments ( 21 )

I definitely want the romance between chains and Twilie to pick up soon. :heart:

However, I have two sets of suggestions for the main story:

1.) Chains meets an enslaved human working for diamond tiara. Chains wants to help him obviously, but Dt being the bitch she is sends him away. (I leave the rest of the creativity in this up to you. I'm just suggesting this because aside from the slave cart that chains came from, and then the warrior human he met during the Nightmare Night Arc, there hasn't been many other humans seen. And I'd like to see a more in-depth look at the enslavement of humans and how other ponies treat them.)

2.) Chains finds out about the reasoning behind the enslavement (Celestia's backstory) and begins to fear/hate her resulting in some form of conflict between him and twilight. Hopefully it leads to a resolution though. Resolutions are always sweeter and stronger when a conflict is resolved)

Good luck with the story though! I can't wait to read more!

1) I've played with the idea of Diamond Tiara having a human, though the conflict could be more with the CMC. Especially involving the twins who work on the Apple farm.

2) Actually I do have a plan for that sort of scenario, though it would be a little bit different than what you may think.

I thank you for your suggestions though ^^

2083726 no problem lol glad you're still writing this!

Does it have to be about Chains exactly? Cause I would just suggest maybe a 2 parter about a Human soldier from the pre-enslavement getting thrown into Gladiator pits post enslavement.

Chains finds the Green Tardis :rainbowlaugh:
Just kidding :twilightsmile:

Well, The Gladiator fic is still being made, maybe something can be figured out after I publish it?

There is a Green Tardis?

What about the relationship between Taelon and Celestia? I think a lot of people would love to know more about the interaction between these two.
Or maybe there's even an alternative ending in which the relationship between our precious prince and his very good "friend" goes in a completely unexpected direction.:trollestia:

Maybe you could expand on the idea of the council and the people backing them as all we currently know is that they exist. An expansion on the ideology of them or a conversation conflict between Celestia and the council either current or in the past. Always watching...

These are actually both going to be explored very soon in the main story.

What about a short story about the guard who was fired for threatening chains.

Blue Star? he's going to return in the main story.

2088225 ok what about a back story expansion on the humans working for applejack

Now thats a thought. I did make a blog post expanding on their background but I could certainly write a one shot of where they're from and how they got to Sweet Apple Acres

2088292 also what about 'bandages' was it?

Its Bandage, and not spoiling anything but I am writing a chapter about him right now.

2088295 sweet. Also how do the other empires/countries react to the slavery. Also sorry for keep posting but when I'm in collage I get daydreams coming out my ears

2083726 Saw the idea about Diamond Tiara, but perhaps Filthy Rich instead. He's well... filthy rich and would probably have alot of slaves and stereotyping would mean that he probably would treat them pretty bad; cotton plantation bad. Could probably do something with that.

Probably apathy unless they could take advantage of it. Why would they care about a micro nation, who had just wandered in, of a couple thousand getting invaded and taken over by an established empire? especially when that nation is of a people so different than they are, not just culturally but physically. The other nations really wouldn't have any stakes in it, and people will prefer peace to war almost always. I doubt any of them would have wanted to get into what would have likely been a drawn out war with Equestria for the sake of a few thousand 'Monkeys.'

I do have a little something planned for way way WAAAAAY in the future of the series that would address this in a small way, but I think that as it stands none of the other nations were paying the situation much mind at the time. Now, weather their opinions had shifted in any sort of way since then, we'll see :trollestia:

I've been thinking more about the Diamond Tiara idea too, but nothing so big. As for Filthy Rich, well, I'm not sure. What we've seen of him in the show made him out to be fairly down to earth and respectful. I could see him viewing the humans as assets, but on that same 'hoof,' as it were, you need to take care of your assets so they keep working well. Maybe he owns a lot of slaves but they're a shining example of being well cared for and working all the harder because of it. They're still slaves, but he could be a 'benevolent tyrant' so to speak. Maybe I'll do something with that idea in the main story, but I don't think it quite calls for its own short story.

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