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I remember reading of clubs like this back in the day...

Holy hell, this is a strangely interesting story. The stories of each character are very compelling and touching to read. Part of me hopes some of the future sex scenes will be more detailed, but part of me likes it the way it is. I'll be looking forward to reading more of this when it comes out.



I'm going to save something very special for this.

You see, certain things go too far, and my typical methods do not even come close to sufficing.

Thank you for your comment. I can't promise any kind of update schedule, as this is a side project that will be updated whenever I get ideas for it. But more stories will come.

I find myself wondering what this comment is implying, and whether or not it is a positive or negative comment.

5630575 A story like this and you're wondering what is implied?

Simply put, you've earned a special sort of attention from me. One which does not feature trolling, but one that necessitates a far more... forensic form of analysis.

This violent type of fetishism attracts a very specific type of clientele. I've encountered it many times in the furry fandom, as well as the personalities behind it. Suffice to say, it raises my warning flags.

You are a good writer. These stories are good. I can not say anymore because I'm still in deep thought over this. Oh, and tell Quick Time to go fuck herself with a knife...repeatedly.


Okay, now I can comment something good.
This story is really intriguing as it's really well written and even makes me suspicious if you've been somewhere like this. You also have a knack at making the reader turn a blind corner, but really it's not a corner, it's a fucking chasm that leads to the darkest reaches of their mind! This story is very good at what it supposed to provide, but it's utterly horrible in a moral viewpoint. You've really made me feel hatred towards several characters and made me want to befriend others. In fact, your story could easily be ported into a talltale game. I would like you to continue but now I hate most everything IN the story. Oh, but if you're going to keep doing this emotional stuff, at least make some actual clop scenes, since I already know you're good at describing stuff.

Regretfully, I give you. 7.8/10

You did have a few predictable parts and moments where the characters acted, well, out of character.(even if they are under emotional strife)

Disturbing yet amazing. I would never kill for pleasure or fuck a kid but you've done such a great job with this story and I want to read about all these things.

Seriously? She considers slavery to equate to being loved? The lies we tell ourselves?

so far so good. keep going

Wow, to think I thought the previous chapters made this canon seem a horrible place.

Of course one feels sorry for the slaves of the Playground and hatred towards the owners, operatives and patrons for what they do to those innocent ponies (and especially foals), but Bright Spark... she blurs the line so much.
Bright is detestable for selling foals into sexual slavery, but I'm not sure which is worse: that she honestly thinks she is doing them a favour, or the possibility that she is right that Tiger Lilly's life will be better for having some outside contact, however exploitative the circumstances might be.

You make me sick, DarkPheonix. (Note: this is a compliment; you've done exactly what I came here for).

Also, bonus shoutout to Morning Glow; I always love it when a changeling proves that they can be good instead of evil. She warmed my heart just as much as much as she did Clover's.

Thank you for your comment. Feedback like this is really helpful. It lets me know that I've done something right, and that the current path this story is taking, is the correct one. So thank you, Smithers888.

Are you planning on continuing this series? It doesn't seem to have much hype now but it's extremely well written and I'm sure it'll have a bigger following eventually.

I do plan on continuing, yes. The next story in the series is nearly complete. As well, a couple authors have messaged me, interested in playing around in this universe, so there might be one-shots coming from them at some point.

My morals (few as they may be) are tingling... And not in the good way..... Thank Faust this is a story.

I really like that everything intertwines.

Dark porn quickly ceases to be simply clop when a plotline is established and/or you get empathetic with the characters.

6015145 You know some people believe that when a story is written the multiverse gets a new world which the story now is a part of so everything could be real in another dimension..:pinkiecrazy:

Damn it's like the pony version of the Roppongi Club from Speed Grapher. Only that club has different membership rules. If you get the chance to see it I recommend watching it, it might give you more inspiration.


Great story so far especially the first and last one I hope to see more soon.

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Are you planning on making more of these?

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