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    Help Needed

    Kriegor here...

    I'm in need of some help regarding Machine and Might.

    No editing skills required, I just need someone to bounce ideas off of. I warn you though, there'll be heavy, heavy spoilers.

    PM me your skype name if interested. Thank you.

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    Season Two is out!

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  • 267 weeks
    Machine and Might: Season two on its way!

    It's happening oh lawd it's happening

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  • 267 weeks
    Machine and Might: Season two?

    I don't even know at this point, but part of me wants to continue the original M&M, switching it to incomplete and just keep writing from where I left off.

    A lot has changed in my mind, I have a lot of new things I could put out there.


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    Chapter Posted

    Go check it out!

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The Android And The DJ · 3:32pm May 21st, 2012


Vinyl Scratch stood next to a mountain of what she assumed was some sort of sound equipment, though it was like nothing she had ever seen. It had been brought to her club by a couple of "Humans"; incredibly tall and burly bipeds that were clad in very odd suits of armor. One of them was busy connecting a variety of cables and wires between machines, the other was standing next to her, staring a hole into her head.

She looked up at the Human next to her. "I uh... Hi? I never catched your name."

"My official designation is 'MAC-2945', but you may reffer to me as 'Mac'."

" 'Mac', got it. I'm Vinyl Scratch, local DJ." She lifted one of her forelegs up, more out of custom than politeness. Mac reached down and grabbed her leg with two fingers, shaking it.

She turned to the left, towards the other Human that was lying on the floor, taping his fingers into a small flat device that glowed blue.

"And you are...?"

The Human looked up, his expression not visible from behind the armored faceplate. "Oh, I'm Lieutenant Morrison, USC Colonial Guard, Third Technician Division of the USS Vector." He then continued looking at the small device he held in this hands.

"OOookay..." She tried to pretend she had any idea of the Human just told her. " 'USS Vector'? Is that the huge thing floating above us?" She pointed towards a window. It was supposed to be night outside, but the stars were being blocked by an enormous metallic contraption that was the size of several cities.

"Yes, that is the Vector." replied Mac.

"Alright! All set." Morrison said as he stood up.

"Uh-huh, so what's this?" Vinyl asked.

"Heavy-duty sound equipment, straight from the thirty-second century! It's military grade, normally illegal in pretty much everywhere. But hey, we're not in USC space right now." He looked at Mac. "Hook up."

"Establishing uplink to micro-net: DJ-PON3's Night Club. Operation succesful, awaiting further commands."

Vinyl felt her head being grabbed by Morrison's hands. He slipped a pair of earplugs into her ears. "Trust me, you wanna wear protection around these." He then looked back at Mac, and gave him a thumbs up.


Celestia sat atop a comfy pillow. She had closed the curtains of her room, for this was a very private moment for her. In front of her was a tray, complete with all the "Tools" she would need. It had been a long day, and she longed for this moment.

Her sister, Luna, was at the night court right now. The guards that usually stood next to the doors to her room had been already dismissed. It was the perfect moment for what she was about to do.

Celestia's mouth was already watering. She wrapped her magic around one of the mighty tools, and brought it to her mouth. She continued teasing herself, preparing for what was about to come.

A slight rumble shook her out of her bliss. Was somepony heading towards her room? She quickly got the tool out of her mouth.

The rumble was now far stronger, she only managed to set the tool on the tray before her windows exploded, sending a shower of glass shards across the room.


She screamed as her body was violently sent flying across her room, into a wall. She opened her eyes to see all of her tools flying towards her like darts.


Not long after, Luna bursted into the room.

"Sister! Are you alright-" She froze. Celestia was currently embedded into the far wall of her room, a slice of cake impaled on her horn. Several forks and knives were also stuck to the wall, but thankfully none of them had gotten to her.

"Celestia... were you eating cake again?"

The Sun Princess groaned, and then fainted, the slice of cake sliding out of her horn and falling to the floor with a loud "Splat!"


A small idea I felt was too short to be made into an actual fic, so why not put it into a blog post?

Of course, this holds no attachments to "Machine and Might", other than the characters and whatnot.

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I might start doing these more regularly, it's a good way to dump creativity and get rid of writer's block.

This actually sounds perfect for when there's a lull in conflict in your fic :pinkiehappy:
All the fighting is done or on hold and the humans are bored out of their gourds, when Pinkie mysteriously appears in the Vector and calls for a party :rainbowlaugh:
There is no such thing as "overboard" when it comes to a party, and an illegal futuristic sound system to play dubstep? A dream come true :ajsmug:

This is so beaut-WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB!

Oh my god this was hilarious! Thanks for making my day! :pinkiehappy:

If only "Machine and Might" was actually as uppity and happy as this little one-shot.

My job here is done. :moustache:

127421 It can if you lay out the story to eventually allow it to happen, war doesn't have to be your theme for the story all the time, if you coordinate the actions of the humans just right, events that occur in peacetime are possible. :twilightsmile:

The humans are lost in an unknown corner of space, they'll need something to drive back the anxieties from the prospective of possibly never returning home :pinkiesad2:

Your fic has great potential, the conflict with the griffins don't need to be the highlight of the plot, and that mysterious alien lurking in the woods, that'll need to be answered eventually :trixieshiftright:

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