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Over a decade ago, Equestria became forever changed by the arrival of the Terrans. With a technological basis far superior to that of the native denizens, these creatures inadvertently created a unity between nearly every sapient species on the planet. Gradually, over the years, their technology—once a thing of fiction to these various races—became all but commonplace to the average citizen.

A lone machine embarks on a journey to locate a lost symbol. It must venture forth into the unforgiving land of post-human Equestria, a divided world in which racism, greed and anger have become the unspoken rulers. As conspiracy brews in the underbelly, it will explore the darkest and brightest sides of society, with enemies and allies sure to follow.

To find the one who was lost. That is its quest.

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A "Write&Read to the music," experiment of mine. Vinyl Scratch faces down her biggest hero in a beat juggle!

Q: Do I really have to listen to the song while reading this?
A: Yes, otherwise you'll make little sense out of it.

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Everything has an end, even us, our friendship, everything. I never knew that before meeting this creature.

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After being destroyed during the assault on the Enclave's Satellite Relay Station, Liberty Prime is sent to the magical land of Equestria by completely mysterious and serious forces.

His new purpose? He has no idea.

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"A massive, artificial behemoth made of metal tore through our skies. It loomed over our world, blotting out Celestia's sun and shrouding Luna's moon, leaving those below in the shadows. It sowed chaos and conflict on our nation, something that had not happened in more than a millennium."

"It sits high above us, watching and waiting. What is this monster, and what is to be the fate of Equestria?"

Season Two starts 10/18/16!

Cover art by Conicer!

Chapters (52)