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  • 253 weeks
    Help Needed

    Kriegor here...

    I'm in need of some help regarding Machine and Might.

    No editing skills required, I just need someone to bounce ideas off of. I warn you though, there'll be heavy, heavy spoilers.

    PM me your skype name if interested. Thank you.

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  • 260 weeks
    Season Two is out!

    1 comments · 355 views
  • 260 weeks
    Machine and Might: Season two on its way!

    It's happening oh lawd it's happening

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  • 261 weeks
    Machine and Might: Season two?

    I don't even know at this point, but part of me wants to continue the original M&M, switching it to incomplete and just keep writing from where I left off.

    A lot has changed in my mind, I have a lot of new things I could put out there.


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  • 292 weeks
    Chapter Posted

    Go check it out!

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Machine and Might: Season two on its way! · 3:30am Oct 18th, 2016

It's happening oh lawd it's happening

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Comments ( 8 )

I haven't been following. Can you explain?

4260860 I'm continuing to write the original Machine and Might.

4260919 So does this mean the sequels are no longer canon? Or is it after those? Or does it just continue the first story and nothing else?

It just continues the first story. The sequels are set a couple of decades after the original, and are technically still canon, but won't have much to do with M&M season 2.

Pics don't work on Imgur anymore. Just a heads up

4261277 It was working yesterday for me :/

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